Critical Thinking Overview

Critical Thinking Overview




Even though the beginning of the clip may sound similar to the one in the navigator page, do view this one because it reinforces certain concepts besides changes direction to address the topic on this page. [Now based on eight interwoven Eight Studies]

Change begins at 1.43

x Factor

Read from beginning up till Chapter 2

View the Critical Thinking the X Factor

After having read the opening chapters until Critical Thinking

then do view the next clip ”Comprehending the global landscape” before moving onto Critical Thinking (Security Styled)

Comprehending the global landscape

After watching the video clip on the right, then click HIM skill tool and follow the procedure till you come to countries and cultures. On the ‘ countries and cultures’ page watch the video clips and the slider (Do not go into the toolbox). Thereafter, revert back to this page and continue with the short video clips.

The Science of Critical Thinking (security styled)

Describing Critical Thinking (Security Styled)

The Never Ending Story

x Factor

Read Chapter 3 Critical Thinking

View the Critical Thinking the X Factor

Critical Thinking Security Success

Critical Thinking SPI Situation Position Implications

Reaction awareness gives direction to predictions

How it works

Critical Thinkers are self-aware of their thinking.

You are the hypothesis.

Click to view Chapter 5 in the X Factor.

Critical Thinkers record their results

Awareness of People’s intentions

Keep in mind that people sometimes pay attention to their unconscious desire or conscious agenda

View the text

Click HIM skill tool to view the short clips and sliders (eyes, face and hands)

Comprehending the structure to Find a person of interest in Organized Crime

Chapter 1, 2 and 3. Make sure to watch the Octopus video clip in chapter 3.Click to view

Crime Motivators

Also, click HIM skill tool to view ”questioning and how to comprehend what is being said”.

A new understanding of crime motivators that occurred during the biothreat has enhanced our comprehension for today and tomorrow.

Comprehending the structure to Find a person of interest in Organized Crime

Click to view Chapter 4 and 5

Finding a person of Concern

Different threats impact people but compounded threats that result in economic meltdowns could bring out the worst in people.

The examples of Biothreat Security & Russia – Ukraine war impacting local crime give direction to comprehending finding a person/people of concern.

Critical Thinkers Recognize Patterns

Task Swopping

Deep Diving into the Patterns

  • First view the short video clips on biothreat security

  • and then pay attention to Mucormycosis (black fungus) because we deep dive into evolving opportunistic patterns of crime related to the threat via Mucormycosis.

    Then view MPOX. This talks to the need to keep your eye on the ‘threat subject’. Others could emerge so that sites can be identified that are high risk and personnel can be equipped with appropriate tools.

Using technology to find a person/people of concern

AI & Technologies

AFTER WATCHING THE CLIP ON THE RIGHT – Click HERE to View all the clips on AI & Technologies

Also, breeze through the booklets which will give you a deeper understanding of using technologies to find crime and stop it – protect sites and save lives.

Triangulating all the information

Triangulation Overview to evaluate Situational Awareness

Click to read the findings in the X Factor (Chapter 8 Triangulation besides all the findings through to Chapter 12). Also, distinct solutions and protocols can be found in the X Factor besides on all booklets such as Biothreat or AI & Technologies

Triangulating all department’s investigation

Click to view Chapter 6

Read again ‘Triangulation (page 16)’ on the AI and Technologies section this booklet. Click the book to revert.

Solution Generator

Catastrophe Security

Find Catastrophe security on Critical Thinking the X Factor after watching the video clip on the right.

Solution Generator

First watch clip on Solution Generator then revert to the various booklets on different topics that will display various solutions for specific fields of interest.

Find In Particular Profit protection in the booklet besides in the X Factor that talks to such in different aspects.

Improve your situation using the methodology

People underestimate the security practitioners intellect

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