Application Video Clips

Application Video Clips

Representing + 10.2 million security practitioners

Professionalizing biothreat security

Find New Crime, Profit Protect and Manage Human Behaviour for biothreats

It is a good idea to view the historic trail of alerts to comprehend the narrative.

The Surgeon

Moral code and Crime motivators

Calming people down

Using the tech and equipment


Profit Protection

Using Compliance to earn trust and respect from the public

What and How to Present 2022 Security Budget

Biothreat Security Booklets

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Additional booklets for biothreat security are within the site for HIM subscribers

Copywrite Restrictions

The Application video clips are only for the exclusive use of selected and approved users and prohibited for non-aligned or associated partners that use this knowledge to sell or use such in any way without obtaining permission from the author. Furthermore, associated partners or non-aligned bodies may not translate the knowledge without permission which will be conditional by the author. Plagiarism is the copying of material or the copying of the concept as well as formulas and principles. Any person using such for any presentation is contravening the copywrite and subject to legal remedies with all costs.

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