HIM Transferable Practical Tools

HIM Transferable Practical Tools

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Combined Representing

10.2 Million Security Practitioners world-wide

e-Tool & Workshops

e-Tool to read people and the situation

And Knowledge,

The research, booklets and protocols on where and how to use specific skills.

Workshops (Virtual or In-person) connecting the team.

It is wise to bring the team together for specific purpose.

New in session: Critical Thinking Awareness.

The security team is only as good as the way the team thinks!

The Tool contains

A tool for reading people and the situation because it is not the weapon that causes ciaos – it is people!

Complete Set of Tools to out-think and outsmart the perpetrators

The Easiest and Most Effective ”Evidence Based”
Lie, Deception Detection and Critical Situational Interviewing Method! 

Use 15 Minutes a dayWatch & Learn – ‘Do, Experience and Embed’

The short Video Clips, Toolboxes containing a weekly Instructional Guide provides the ability to read people and extract information to comprehend the situation or intentions

Dr Gavriel Schneider

In our complex world, knowing the difference between when you are safe and when you are not, whether it’s from physical threat or simply someone misleading you, is a crucial skill. HIM provides a set of skills and tools that help you determine other people’s intent

Dr Declan Garrett

I have found the HIM tool to be very effective. Additionally, as an experienced security industry trainer and developer of training modules. The skills are transferable and relevant for HR, Business Negotiations, etc.
I have found the way in which the training is the delivered and the transfer of learning to be very intuitive

Peter Constadine

‘’Over several years, I worked in the field of Executive Protection, operating in some 30 countries and your guide to cultural nuances is invaluable in that field of operations. The HIM concepts very much enhance the ‘people’ aspects of this and on the occasions when I must interview candidates for security positions it will be an invaluable tool to bring to bear in determining any embellishment of skills or blatant lying‘’

This new generation knowledge is transferable and relevant for today besides adjusting for tomorrow

Also Included in the Tool

Know where, how and why to use the HIM e-Tool

The Tool covers all fields of interest

By Dr Katerina Poustourli PhD

Pre-normative Security Research, Standardization and Innovation Expert, PhD Robust and Resilience Engineering. 

Security Officers, First Responders, Investigators besides other Security and Risk Experts could get their performance off the ground with these HIM  “Critical Thinking” Tools using this methodology.

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Tool Up / Meet Up!

Virtual Group Meetings or Workshop Physically in Person

Aims and Objectives

The team need to know, think and do together!

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