Critical Thinking Security Briefings

Critical Thinking Security Briefings

Security manage life impacting or deadly incidents.

We have threats that not many have ever experienced before
What and how to identify unique threats is the topic for this session


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Live 1-hour virtual meetup

The new security norm


Security Criminology-Risk Investigation

Critical Thinking (Security Styled Awareness)

Reading people and the situation

Multi-cultural management

Security success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision-makers (all people) on the ground and their reaction speed

Our Biggest Nightmare is not knowing what is truly happening on the ground
under our own nose!

Method & Retention


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Virtual Meetup Comments

The HIM virtual workshop opened a new train of thought and strategy. The presenter, through his research and knowledge, was able to guide participants into more logical and workable processes going forward. All in all, an hour very well invested. By Tony Botes, National Administrator, SASA

Great session today folks, so glad there are others who are just as frustrated as I am when it comes to the lack of training and common sense around security issues. I’d definitely be up for more sessions like these. Martin Preshur, FSS CONSULTING (SAFETY AND SECURITY MANAGEMENT)

The virtual meeting generated good discussion on topic. Overall, from my own experiences training is inadequate in accordance to the role, the knowledge and understanding of the risks in their environment in which they work. Catherine Halse, DUE DILIGENCE INVESTIGATIONS

Themed Workshops can be ordered

“The HIM virtual group meeting on hotel risks and security was an excellent learning experience. The facilitator is an obvious expert in this field, and he and his team have worked on the ground with hotels for extended periods of time. He brought up trends and case studies regarding every day petty crime, plus larger, more punishing attack scenarios that stemmed from local, regional, and even international threat issues. In this, HIM is ahead of the curve, and the hotel sector would be wise to adopt this type of risk mitigation strategy. I look forward to attending future HIM seminars.”
by Jeff M. Moore, PhD, CEO, Muir Analytics, Purveyor, SecureHotel.US, Member, American Hotel & Lodging Association

The webinar was relevant to the changing role of security in the workplace to provide not just security but ensure safety in the workplace. A great advantage of the webinar was connecting with like minded security practitioners and sharing ideas and methods of making the workplace safer for all. By Mark Kramer, Managing Director, MANTIS SECURITY

I want to say that today’s meeting was a success. The groups expertise exposed the importance of training, investigation and action. Various points were made concluding that awareness is key and lacking. George Clark, SECURITY CONSULTANT

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