Biological Threats or issues related

Biological Threats or issues related

Security Companies and Heads of Security

Security companies that have clients that are oxygen manufacturers or retail outlets that decanter or refill old oxygen bottles must warn their clients and ensure that the clients double check for black fungus in the tubes or valves otherwise their clients could be responsible and culpable for the deaths of others.

We can add to this – Second hand retailers that are re-selling humidifiers, or any form of ventilation type equipment.

Buildings, plants and regions of concern that security practitioners must consider,

  • Security officers must check all room ceilings or walls that may display black mold and related to dampness

  • Security officers that are working outdoors on sites that have decaying debris with dampness such as, fertilizer plants, compost, or any industrial produce related to animals.

  • Security officers must use PPE medical grade equipment

Hospitals, Dentists or any institution that has oxygen must oversight their security detail to ensure that there is no corruption issues related to people getting access to a main supply to refill oxygen bottles specially old bottles.

Black Mold – Black Fungus (mucormycosis) connected to covid19 or any other biological threat

Also known as mucormycosis

Security practitioners should be aware that this mucormycosis has a mortality rate of 50 percent.

There are medical practitioners that relate the black fungus deaths linked to covid-19 to diabetes along with the ‘over-dosages’ of steroids in the healing process.

Find out more on Medical News: Myths and Facts (India Stats). Also now (June 2021) found in Iraq, Egypt, Nepal, Chile and Uruguay. Obviously at this moment in time we have no idea where else in the world it is being reported and therefore one must be watching their location’s news-feeds.

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