Critical Thinking Deception Detection

Critical Thinking Deception Detection

Know the narrative to discover a person’s intentions.

Investigate the regions of interest and job functions, besides, the true intentions of the people-on-the-ground or a person of interest.

The Narrative

Everybody has a story and when you hear – ”Oh tell me another story”, then what do you make of that? Heard that one before! Who tells the stories? The bosses, the experts and consultants, the clients, the staff, actually, any person that lives and breathes has a story. As soon as people open their mouth, the story begins, which could begin with a few words or a full story that could be made up of the truth, half-truths, a total fabrication and perhaps presented by a person that has an agenda. Any decision based on insufficient or inaccurate information will deliver collateral damage.

There is a habitual pattern that dictates how the person is thinking. We want to discover the intentions of others. People usually pay attention to their unconscious desire or conscious agenda. How many times have you heard the words ‘’ what is it that you or they want?’’ By instinct people use these words and what is really being said is ‘’ what are the intentions?’’ This question is a vital question to ask oneself or to discover, because a true professional must comprehend the agendas. In this way, they can then picture the steps that are being taken by a person of interest (story pattern).


Situational Awareness

Is there a story going on between the people on the ground or a person of interest? When people are being bullied, blackmailed or extorted, one must identify the story in theatre to comprehend the intentions of others.

When people are volunteering information then it gives direction to question their agenda. Therefore, in their discussions they may approach the subject from various angles or relate a story and then follow through by insinuating that the person of interest may relate to such. People telling stories and may belittle another or talk bad about another so that you diminish your respect for someone. What is their intention?

A specific issue to keep in mind is that you have no idea who can read you better while you are reading them. Your pet hates, little secrets and hidden desires are on full-public view. A hostage negotiator or uncover operative must contain their true feelings but there are some issues that are very difficult to hide, namely; Moral Compass, Political affiliations and/or Religious beliefs.

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