What others say about HIM

What others say about HIM

Assessments, Comments, Results & Outcomes

CBTS: This is an excellent compilation of information on equipment, technology, nature of biological threat, crime related to this threat and security management. It’s a nice course for the security practitioners to enable them to deal with rapidly mutating active biological threat. 
By Pankaj Kumar, Regional Head Central Investigation & Security Services Ltd

” I believe this workshop is the most important workshop security managers can attend. This workshop show you how to read people. It is so important in security as we are all busy with investigations. These skills learned can also be applied in business negotiations.”
By Lionel: Director Security Consultancy Africa

”The MIM, Human investigation management course has been invaluable to me. It affords each practitioner the opportunity to see the truth before their eye. More often than not, we do not see what is ‘really’ taking place before us. A lot of misinterpretation to our surroundings and MIM Human investigation management, invokes the brain to rise to the potential of being situational aware and therefore making each decision through your day more accurate. This training is the perfect way to filter and produce an ‘unfiltered’ truth of all the exposure we are subjected to everyday.
By Jono: Security Company Director

”The HIM Human Investigation Management  workshop has unarguably been the most useful, relevant workshop that I have ever attended. It was thoroughly engaging, practical and thought provokingThis workshop is highly recommended, not only to Security Professionals like myself, but for all sectors of business.  I look forward to working my way through the course material over the coming weeks.
By Fred: Regional Security Manager: Corporate Security- Africa


‘I would just like to thank you for the workshop I attended. I believe that due to the way it was presented on the day, it allowed me to get the maximum benefit from the workshop. With the content of the workshop being of such value to me it really was important for me to learn and remember, which again I feel I have been able to do as a result of how the workshop was presented. The content of the workshop has opened my eyes to a different form of language that I almost took for granted as an every day practice. Knowing that I have these new tools at my disposal now has allowed me to feel a sense of security surrounding my daily interactions with others.”
By Peter: Chief Investigator

” The workshop was a big eye opener. Regarding your training method, MIM HIM, it is epic!! You have the knowledge and combined unique skill to subtract all reliable relative information from another human being(subject) to validate interview and investigate (ask the right question at the right time for the right reason).In the security industry(more so)  it is imperative for every security officer, manager etc.. to be aware daily what is their level of situational awareness and how to mitigate any or all threats. The only regret I have is that I was not introduced (on this level) to this method sooner when I was still in the Police. Just thinking the impact I could have made even more so than that I accomplished. I am definitely going to recommend this course to my colleagues in the security industry and Police.”
By Jaco: Security Manager/Security Company   


”Attending the Human Investigation Management offering was extremely insightful. I have gained additional ideas to effectively approach and assess day-to-day issues that require investigative intervention. The cultural gestures and awareness information shared was an element of course that I found highly beneficial, this I can use to equip myself to better approach situations on the ground. Thank you for the great presentation. An interactive experience without the use of fancy PowerPoint slideshows and videos.
By Ravesh: Security Manager [Hotel & Casino]


” I believe the Security Industry should know the skill-set and attend the workshop. Security awareness and the efficiency of response in my opinion cannot be overemphasized. Based on the experience I have had and having witnessed some gruesome and adverse effects of lack of being security conscious in our modern day world. I would suggest that a lesson as this should even be extended to individuals not in the Security Business, if possible. After all, security is the responsibility of everyone in the society. I also like the aspect of the course that dealt with how culture difference affects peoples behave and how certain body language or gesture can be misunderstood by another from a different cultural background and a lot more. The environment for the workshop was conducive, the manner at which the course was delivered was encouraging. This workshop does not only break barriers among people from different parts of the world, it also made everyone feel comfortable with each other, to say the least”
By Dele: Chief Investigator Zimbabwe Security Company

” I found the workshop to be enlightening and an eye opener. It sharpened my skill craft by drawing attention to being more alert and aware of my surroundings, especially in observing human behavior. I enjoyed the practical orientation of the course and the techniques used by the course facilitator to draw attention to situational awareness.”
By Kris: Head of Security Studies faculty

”Just a word of thanks for the workshop.  It really was a very good start on the road to become competent with understanding human communication and intention.  Thank you for the very clear demonstrations and in particular the very practical discussions which provided a good foundation for the rest of the course.  I am looking forward to work through the rest of the material.  This is a topic I treasure and I spent a lot of time in studying human behavior.  Of particular value for me was the part on cultural communication which really switched on my awareness to observe other cultures. I am looking forward to learn much more from the HiM course manual. Thus far I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
By Gert: Security Consulting Africa Specialist 

Interesting stuff. I am now able to pick up insincerity a lot faster (rather than taking it as face value). by Isabel [Safety & Security industry Course Training Adviser] after a one day workshop and now on the e-connect course application tool.

”I found the workshop extremely inspiring and without doubt, one of the best workshop courses that I have recently attended. The. The quality of the course exceeded my expectations and the content was completely absorbing from start to finish.Combined also with the excellent interaction skills of the trainer, I found it to be an all-round stimulating course.” Kai Security Consultant/Adviser/Trainer

All is well thank you. Must tell you that I had two confessions the last week using HIM technique.  My interaction with others is fine, the only thing I am starting to realize some people in my life who are deceiving me.
By Schalk – Investigator over 22 years in the field.

”I am finding it  to be a journey that when you explore without the knowledge of what to expect hence you are hoping and anticipating good results or rather a break through. It’s a work in progress but I think the training taught me  to be considerate on everything I say I do because if I don’t pay attention to details the damage that can be caused by my actions can be severe.
Calvin – Area Security Manager

” I believe the Security Industry should know the skill-set and attend the workshop. Security awareness and the efficiency of response in my opinion cannot be overemphasized. Based on the experience I have had and having witnessed some gruesome and adverse effects of lack of being security conscious in our modern day world. I would suggest that a lesson as this should even be extended to individuals not in the Security Business, if possible. After all, security is the responsibility of everyone in the society.I also like the aspect of the course that dealt with how culture difference affects peoples behave and how certain body language or gesture can be misunderstood by another from a different cultural background and a lot more. The environment for the workshop was conducive, the manner at which the course was delivered was encouraging. This workshop does not only break barriers among people from different parts of the world, it also made everyone feel comfortable with each other, to say the least”
By Dele: Chief Investigator Zimbabwe Security Company

” I found the workshop to be enlightening and an eye opener. It sharpened my skill craft by drawing attention to being more alert and aware of my surroundings, especially in observing human behavior. I enjoyed the practical orientation of the course and the techniques used by the course facilitator to draw attention to situational awareness.”
By Kris: Head of Security Studies faculty

”Just a word of thanks for the workshop.  It really was a very good start on the road to become competent with understanding human communication and intention.  Thank you for the very clear demonstrations and in particular the very practical discussions which provided a good foundation for the rest of the course.  I am looking forward to work through the rest of the material.  This is a topic I treasure and I spent a lot of time in studying human behavior.  Of particular value for me was the part on cultural communication which really switched on my awareness to observe other cultures. I am looking forward to learn much more from the HiM course manual. Thus far I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
By Gert: Security Consulting Africa Specialist 

Interesting stuff. I am now able to pick up insincerity a lot faster (rather than taking it as face value). by Isabel [Safety & Security industry Course Training Adviser] after a one day workshop and now on the e-connect course application tool.

”I found the workshop extremely inspiring and without doubt, one of the best workshop courses that I have recently attended. The quality of the course exceeded my expectations and the content was completely absorbing from start to finish.
Combined also with the excellent interaction skills of the trainer, I found it to be an all-round stimulating course.” Kai Security Consultant/Adviser/Trainer

”The content of the workshop was also very informative and It was arranged in a logical manner such as brain engineering first, Investigative interviewing second, and the bluff at the end. “Putting it together” helped me to draw a conclusion on everything. The content was arranged in such a way that at the end it forms a whole single version of a workshop. It was designed to accommodate all disciplines in security industry. The facilitator used more practical example to make it easier for participants to understand. We began with brain engineering as theory at first but it ended up as a practical activity at the end of the session. I gradually feel confidence, whenever I have a conversation with others. It might be at work or in public in general. I started to notice minor things that I was not noticing before, such as when should I begin to control the situation in the conversation”
Lucas: Operations Analyst

First Day after workshop ” Did interview yesterday and had a lot of fun with questions. The warm up questions to find the basis worked well and the results in the end matched the investigation results today. Well worth it.
Stefan Security Manager – 395 bedroom hotel – United Kingdom

The workshop was very refreshing and insightful. It was also an eye opener as for there are a lot of knew info the workshop gave me as I there are a lot of things I never considered when doing investigations or when dealing  with guests. Also the online course that we can do after we have done the workshop is amazing because now I have the tools to train myself at my own pace and know you are a email away for when I have questions.”
By Elton: Hotel Security Manager

 It was very informative and an eye opener. I have been in the industry for some time however I came out of that workshop, inspired, empowered and filled with ideas and I couldn’t wait to start practicing what I have learned. It is a useful and unique technique that I never take note of. Those of us who did not attend have missed out big time and I encourage them to apply so that they can also take their careers to the next level. Once again, thank you”
By Honest: Hotel & SPA Security Manager  

 I  found  the  workshop  most  informative,  as  it  showed  me  that  I  do  possess  the  skills  within  myself  to  make  a  difference,  and  to  be  a  vital  cog  in  the  decision  making  process. What  I  found  most  interesting  is  that  the  presenter  did  not  make  use  of  any  visuals  or  paperwork,  which  to  me   indicated  that  the  presenter  was  presenting  out  of  experience. What  interested  me  more  is  that  the  presentation  was  based  on  experiences  around  the  globe. I  also  like  the  idea  that  the presentation  was  not  a  once  off  talk  show,  but  that  the  presenter  will  have  follow – ups  with  attendees”
By Reginald: Security Manager [Hotel]

”I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, which was highly interactive and insightful  throughout.  The key topics including International culture gestures, Human natural indicators and Deception Detection & investigative Interviewing, among others, we’re all relevant considering my daily encounters in the Hotel security environment. I am now looking forward to the next stage of this Human Investigations learning via the e-connect application for the next 12 months. I would recommend the Master In Mind workshop to all Hotel & Casino Security Managers”
By Deon: Security Manager [Hotel]

Learning the need to control your own emotions while monitoring others change of behavior are excellent techniques that I am learning from the MiM Human Investigation Management course that I am doing with ISIO International Security Industry Org -. In addition the course has enriched my negotiations & interviewing skills. I have seen interrogators fail in extracting reliable information due to their lack of Cultural Gesture of criminals or terrorists. Now and thanks for ISIO course, I have started learning various cultural gestures, that have made me communicate effectively with the people I am interviewing as they comfortably elaborate because they feel more comfortable and less intimidated.
By Dahfir Shammery MSc Policing & Counter Terror: Security Consultant 

”I’ve done this course. If your serious about being in the security industry and looking for courses out the norm, then this is a course to do.”
By Rick:
 Security Manager and CP Professional.

”My overall assessment of the course is excellent; the training met the goals and objectives set forth in the course through a well designed structure and principled learning curve which is up to date.I now look at security in a different perspective. This course enhanced my core skill level.  The training aids utilized during the course added valuable understanding to the course.  The training provided will aid me in my job,especially in the areas language awareness; situational awareness which  leads me to finding the truth, and extracting reliable and useful information. Finally, training materials in this course provided me with the skills and knowledge for me to train others in a variety of security, law enforcement, intelligence and undercover operations.
By Mike – Risk, Security & Counter Terrorism Trainer [ 32 years experience]

Human Investigation Management is an outstanding course. I have attended several courses of a similar nature and I find that the material offered during this course is at a greater advance level and the teaching methods were easy to follow. I improved my skills as an investigator and security manager in particular my interviewing and decision making skills. I’m more self confident and better prepared when I attend business meetings because of the knowledge I gained since I started this course. I also have a better understanding of international cultures. In addition, I’m now listening more and at the same time looking deceptive signs when I’m having conversations with clients and business associates.
Hubert – Owner of Security Company

I’ve been immersing myself in the MiM HIM material and found it very interesting and well presented. My interest in the subject comes less from my martial arts than from my security work, especially with regard to the personal security issues and for many years I have developed, written about and trained people in models and methodologies for maintaining situational awareness – both environmental and in respect of people in that environment. What MiM HIM helps with in this regard is that whilst we can train people to be ‘aware’ this is only half the problem as they have to be equally alert (something which triggers an alert), which means they have to not only be taking information in about the situation around them but be able to identify when this is in congruent and ‘reading’ people by means of the HIM concepts completes this jigsaw. Over a number of years I worked in the field of Executive Protection, operating in some 30 countries and your guide to cultural nuances is invaluable in that field of operations. The MiM HIM concepts very much enhance the ‘people’ aspects of this and on the occasions when I have to interview candidates for security positions it will be an invaluable tool to bring to bear  in determining any embellishment of skills or blatant lying. I’m very much enjoying the learning, thank you, and well done with the development and presentation of all this.
Kind Regards Peter (Business Owner Close Protection & Self Defense Trainer)

For the past 33 years I have been the owner of a security company which is involved in many aspects of security such as, guarding, close-protection, investigations, counter-strike management, surveillance and electronic systems.I recently had the great pleasure of attending the MIM HIM: ‘’Train-the-Trainer’’ workshop. Over many years I have attended quite a number of security and related courses. This is the first time that I have come across such a formidable course for security professionals. MIM HIM addresses many of the fundamental and critical core skills. The ability to extract reliable information timorously is necessary for numerous security functions, and is especially crucial for professionals that handle life impacting situations. In addition this is extremely beneficial for HR, sales, project management and all negotiations. The curriculum is very much in line for all sectors in security and is imparted in such a way that the knowledge is used instinctively, thus heightening situational awareness.
I believe that this will be the ‘new’ frontier of cutting-edge techniques for management in the security industry.
Alan-Managing Director – Security Company.

Just finished course 1 ”The training your company provides is one of a kind, I was specially impressed with structure of the training and your attention to students. This course has heighten my situational awareness and reminded me that words are not the only form of communication. I highly recommend this training to any professional in any field. Personally this is only the beginning for me, there is more to be learned.”
Roberto Transport Security Manager – Mexico/USA corridor

The MIM HIM course has enabled me to understand how an individual acts, and what they say and do, can alert others to disguised intentions or hidden knowledge.  I found the initial course very interesting and continued with the online e-tool. I found I didn’t quite pick up on all the skills within the first period of the continued training, however on the second phase I noticed a heightened awareness level I have never experience before, I now behave naturally and read situations with confidence and accuracy. I have found the last piece in the jigsaw! Now I am (and continue to be) a better communicator and find myself subconsciously evaluating every situation to my advantage. The online Skype and mentoring by Juan has been A1!! Many thanks for the next generation skill-set!!
Paul, Former Specialist UK MOD Operator, Security Business Owner

I already got a good sense of HIM. The most impressive thing is the way you approached the subject/situation (asking the right question at the right time). The skills you learn yourself listening/questioning and watching is amazing. If you think about it, how many people in your life time  did you interviewed correctly? How many times you would told  yourself “I should not have done that but rather this. BUT with the HIM you can use  a unique system with greater responsibility, effectiveness and more confidence. It also teaches you about yourself and you own mind set (observation skills) to be more alert and not become the objective yourself.”
By Jaco: Security Manager/Security Company   

The workshop covered in essence, all of the above and had I known what I recently learnt, there is no question, that I would have found  it so much easier.;; I would, without a shadow of doubt, recommend this course to every operative, soldier and policeman around the world. One very, very brilliant workshop, Juan I thank you again.
George Former Police Captain RSA – Selous Scout Commander Zim

Am far more observant of eye movement, facial expressions and hand movement of everyone I interact with in my private and business life. Am dealing with building contractors on site on a daily basis and was informed by my main guy that certain aggregate ( chip and river sand ) was substandard; ie sand was not river sand. I confronted the subcontractor and given a thousand words over mobile. When I he arrived on site I called his bluff saying I had sent a sample to xxx(government research center) . You should have seen his face!! Am becoming far more persistent in observational skills.
Peter : Former Director Emergency Planning – Regional Government. 

Cycle 1:My level of situational awareness is developing nicely, I have only managed to complete the first week of the training program so far primarily due to the fact that I am currently running Close Protection Project for Colonel xxxx, which has given me a lot of time to stand and focus on peoples body language. I have been able to clearly identify the reactions of individuals and crowds in relation to what is being said in the conference, which has really helped in identifying friend from foe.With regard to my interactions with others, I am starting to develop and understand the baselines of the people I work closely with and I am really trying to focus on keeping my body language under control and as ‘Neutral’ as possible which has proved a challenge. I am really enjoying following the Online course and I can appreciate the lessons you have taught me from MIM HIM as I am utilizing them every single day.
Dovi: Security Business Operations Manager

Cycle 4:”The material is giving me new ideas every time I interact with it.  I am finding that my awareness is heightened a lot, I am able to read people’s intentions before they speak.  I also find that I am able to make decisions on whether to go ahead with conversations or not.  Fantastic course!
Mahadi Business Woman

Further to my recent attendance to your latest workshop in London UK please find below my MiM HIM Workshop feedback “I found the MIM HIM workshop both interesting and informative, the group dynamics were good and your manner of presentation indicated to me a high degree of authenticity in respect to your product and certainly very worthwhile and appealing to individuals in my line of business – training & security related business .There is no doubt that once ‘mastered’, the distinct ability to identify deception during the course of an interview is an incredible tool for the investigator and/or a security operative.” Thanks as well for the certificate of attendance, one that I will retain with pride
Miguel Security Trainer and Operative – United Kingdom

”I was in the Police Force for 42 years and spent the majority of my time in the Detective Branch. For  the past twenty years I was attached to the Serious & Violent Crimes Unit. I had to interview and interrogate suspects, who were the mainly hardened criminals. I was the Commander of the Unit and, had I received your instruction and attended your Workshop, I would have had a far greater success rate and managed my men a lot more competently. Many thanks for allowing the privilege of your knowledge, which in the future I am sure, will only enhance my techniques and results.” Willie Former Police Commander : Serious and Violent Crime Unit and now Company Investigator

”Having attended an advanced course in Psychologically Motivated Crimes(Serial Killers/Rapists) during the time when I served in the Detective Services, we received instruction on the basic signs that somebody is lying. While it was not intensive, I  found it very interesting. When I attended the one on one MIM: HUMAN INVESTIGATION MANAGEMENT workshop with you, it rekindled that interest, and I enjoyed doing the full 9 week e connect course immensely, with my situational awareness concerning my surroundings and my interactions with the people around me reaching new heights. I am really impressed with the outcome.
The continuing support received via email and skype made maintaining the Learning Curve easy and doable.
By Jannie: Owner of Tracing & Tracking Investigation Company

”I want to say that even before attending this course I believed and felt that I had a strong sense and understanding on interview skills and knowledge of being able to pick up signs from people as to their behavior. We’ll, how wrong was I! This course and material as heightened my senses by 100% I am now subconsciously noticing movements, body language and gestures than before did not even register. The e-connect HIM course application manual provides a plethora of information and really makes it simple to understand along as you follow the cycle. The cycle works but needs to be followed. The training provided during the online in person training was second to none, not only does he talk about it in detail but can constantly keep you online. Stephen Langley LLB (Hons)(Open) MSc [CHIMC]

Train – Trainer Workshop: I have been in the safety and security training environment for the past 38 years and have used a variety of different training and facilitation techniques, however the unique techniques and principles that I have now discovered by attending MiM HIM have made me so aware of the value of these that my facilitation style has been adjusted and this will without a doubt benefit the learners that I come into contact with.For the past forty seven years I have been actively involved in Law Enforcement and the Safety and Security field. Law Enforcement personnel and Security Practitioners are dealing with life and death and life impacting situations on a daily basis and are required to make split-second decisions that will affect their actions, which in the end will determine the results. With the high rate of crime in South Africa, and the fact that more and more people and businesses are relying on the private security industry, I believe that security business executives, managers and officers need to be equipped to make good decisions from reliable and accurate information and to become more aware of their surroundings and situation, and one of the best tools that I have been exposed to, to accomplish this, is MiM HIM.On a personal note, I thought that my awareness skills were pretty sharp, MiM has helped sharpen my situational awareness skills and I am far more observant, not only to my surroundings but with my interaction with people.The train-the-trainer course has equipped me with so many additional skills and this in turn now allows me to pass them on, share then and have my learners experience the benefits of the life changing principles for themselves. I have no doubt that their decision making skills in life impacting or life and death situations will be enhanced to such a degree that the information that they receive will be tested to ensure that it is accurate and reliable so that it can be correctly interpreted and used to the benefits of their colleagues and clients in general.The Facilitator, Juan certainly put into practice the skills and techniques that he was training and transferring to the group. This made my understanding far greater and allowed me to apply them far more effectively. His facilitation methodology is unique and enhances maximum retention. The entire process was an incredible journey of new discoveries. Cycle 1 : On E-connect ”My situational awareness is still nice and sharp and being alerted regularly. My interactions with others is becoming less challenging, when identifying the ‘chancers’ who are trying to one for a ride!!!. MIM HIM has certainly equipped me with the assessment tools not to fall into the trap!!!
Errol Peace – Owner BTC Training  FIS (SA), MSyl (UK), CFE (USA), AISM (India), IIPS (Nigeria)

The Train The Trainer’s Course for MiM HIM was conducted with significant impact, most appropriate for the sober content of this course. As I reflect back on the training, the reality of this thought-provoking style of workshop as well as the practical impact of the content becomes more vivid to me as I continue the ongoing learning and application process each week. Throughout the course, the learner’s attention is captivated in anticipation of the content as you reflect and draw on past experience and knowledge. Delivering this workshop at the same standard will prove to be a tough but worthwhile challenge.
Esmé – Trainer

Assessment by Danie Adendorff MSc. Sec Man, ND Pol Admin
After completing the first cycle of the online learning, I provide the following feedback.I applied my newly acquired skills in the following instances. Lately I had been involved in serious business negotiations. I am sure the outcome would have been totally different was it not for MIM HIM training. During the third round of negotiations I was able to predict step by step the opposition’s actions. Needless to say to whose benefit the deal swung. Armed with these skills I then went on to apply the MIM principles in two interviews; in the second interview I succeeded to change the situation from interviewee to interviewer. The last instance I want to refer to is; I was recently a speaker at an international security symposium. The primary aim of the speech was to punch holes in to the risk management process and the risk manager’s ability to do risk management. I set myself the goal to speak about future security risk considerations and Human Investigation management. I was also eager to apply the MIM HIM principles on the audience( 60 People), as my previous experiences were in small groups with no more than 3 people. I also set out to intentionally emotionally manipulate the audience with gestures during the speech.To my astonishment I was successful on all levels. I could explain with ease MiM HIM and the principles behind it. The reason being is that the training method is absolute unique, you cannot help to enjoy and understand the training outcomes. I introduced certain offensive and reassuring gestures and showed it to individuals in the audience. This placed the whole audience on alert but also placed the individuals on the back foot. The science behind the training subject is not new, but what Juan succeeded to do, and this is the point what makes MIM so unique, he brought all the science together under one heading. By doing so, he teaches a holistic approach which is very accurate in outcome. Gestures should be observed in clusters to provide a more accurate picture of person being observed. Human Investigations Management Training had a profound positive effect on my academic and business life. In 35 years I have never ever done any training that had any life altering effect on me. MiM HIM training broke the status quo therefor it is the most effective critical managerial training on the market. The reason being is that the training method is absolute unique, you cannot help to enjoy and understand the training outcomes

Cycle 1. Based on completing the first cycle of the online learning, I provide the following comments:“I found the online learning material to be well laid out in an easy to understand format.  The structure of the learning materials are presented allowing for the building of knowledge in an intuitive way.  Even though I am well trained in advanced communication including NLP techniques, I personally enjoyed the MiM HIM related information on areas such as cultures and countries where for example they allow for great appreciation of specific body language ‘cues’ as part of any communication.Overall for me the training has resulted in a far more in-depth appreciation of situational awareness regarding how people communicate (and/or lie?) – in fact I would say that I use the material everyday in order to see whether there is congruence if you like in terms of what I am hearing the person say vs. what their expression/ face/ hands/ gestures are telling me!So in short, well done Juan for bringing this material to those of us interested in advancing themselves with the additional communication related skills applicable not just to the security industry but to all interactions that we make with others in everyday life.Cycle 2. I am making steady progress through ‘cycle 2’. Another week to go before I complete the second cycle.  I have settled in to a more ‘natural’ style – be it seeing/hearing/feeling – with more objective seeking questioning… picking up ‘give – aways’!Cycle 3. After completing the third cycle I have had some unexpected results to be honest – it has resulted in the expansion of my attention and appreciation of the ‘spacial’ component if you will as part of situational awareness, let me explain: there has always been the linkage in context to the ‘environment’ in terms of my own development with respect to situational awareness however what I have come now to notice more after completing the third cycle was the less dominant observation skill that I have developed to see not just the person or the cultural traits etc, but a lot more ‘feeling’ and ‘observation’ in being a part of the ‘complete picture’ so to speak – the spacial consideration as a well formed part of the situational consideration. Cycle 4. Now that I am part way through the fourth cycle, I am now starting to actually feel more relaxed/ less stressed in so far as my understanding of my interactions within society and the community at large e.g. through a better ‘reading’ of any situation, I know where I stand and where others stand in terms of truth or lies – knowing that I have the skills to make better informed decisions with the ‘intel’ that I now pick up on/ receive.
Assessment and learning curve development by Dr Jon Hodson.

Cycle 1.I keep doing the course and this helps me a lot as i can read my employees’ body language a lot easier, and this is very useful when i do disciplinary hearings and in my day to day site visits which i carry out… It is amazing and i keep studying at my own pace…
I came back from France on Tuesday evening, and my parents are not getting on and i have used the skills learnt on your course, to assess my parents on what is going on between them…I wish i had done your course last year as i stopped their divorce, maybe i would not have taken the same decision…?!My level of situation awareness is getting better everyday and this course has opened a whole new world to me, in my personal and professional life..i would not hesitate to recommend your course and yourself as you are genuine, and i do like your way of teaching!!! You may publish this on your website, this is not a problem…Warmest regards. Pierre: Security Duty Manager

The feedback is my honor privilege and I want to get together my thoughts as there is many things I want say.We had a discussion on the steps yesterday and you posed a question “Am I scared that with the knowledge and skills that I have gained”.Not only am I scared I am petrified, excited and yet concerned because I have entered another higher dimension . You may ask what has transpired since that conversation. I was introduced into MiM dimension with a nuke explosion.I witnessed all of the content of MiM HIM in one incident last night. It was as if I was reading from a script, line for line, word for word, scene for scene and MiM HIM in real “live action”. Imagine having just come from an intense weekend where all your senses where heightened and you are doing mind mapping on the weekends training this incident starts unfolding in front of you.I cannot put into words to my emotions. It was so scary, powerful and insightful. I knew what was coming and this is where I really got concerned as there was very little that I could do to stop what transpired as I would place myself in danger by doing so. By not being able to intervene I was frustrated and angry with myself afterwards.My awareness was so intense and insightful that I could actually predict and in hind sight draw the entire scene unfolding, the players, actions, the spacesand the various influences that transpired.
By playing back the situation in my mind during the night I am still frustrated and angry this morning and yet excited and thankful that I have this tool that I can use and enhance my situational awareness. So yes, your opening comment is on the button, appropriate and pertinent.
Ernie: Security Consultant – Trainer

Situational Awareness – As this is part of my role, I would like to think that if anything, it’s focused me into a different space without loss to the other elements that I need to be aware of.”
Anonymous Physical Security Adviser – International Manufacturer – United Kingdom

‘I was recently in a 2 day series of meetings where our company and our suppliers were engaged in road mapping the service delivery that they provide.  Within this has been some legacy issues regarding failure to provide, multiple return visits due to lack of spares, poor finish quality etc, all things that can result in large invoices and frayed nerves.In a sidebar meeting with the senior Project Manager, I asked some direct questions, based upon how his family and work/life balance is, to achieve a baseline, then asked why they were not treating us as we would expect and are paying for.  Very interesting responses which were easily identified as “not in keeping with the truth”.  This resulted in a further discussion relating to change our processes and the way we deal with our suppliers – a very useful and powerful tool indeed!”
Physical Security Advisor – Multi National worldwide based UK.

Thank you,. I found the workshop both interesting and informative – certainly very worthwhile and appealing to individuals in my line of business. There is no doubt that once ‘mastered’, the distinct ability to identify deception during the course of an interview is an incredible tool to the investigator.”
Mike : Forensic Investigator, Polygraph examiner. (35 years)

We discuss Master in Mind HIM on a regular daily basis and find that it is now a lot easier to interact with like minded in our field – Investigations. Our situational awareness at all levels has improved. Courses completed years ago are more readily remembered – and you were correct, we are now looking at old friends in a different light.”
Willie & George  Assessment by team of Investigators  using the online course after the workshop.

Brilliant – Putting into action :”The other day I was speaking with an emergency professional and noticed that he kept looking towards his straight left and recognized that this was a sign of perhaps neglecting to tell me some information before I filled out some paperwork. Sure enough after I filled out the paperwork I sent him a message telling him that I wanted to give him the papers and then he told me that his organization has a policy where the company has a probationary period where the applicant must wait some time before they consider the documents.”
John – Security Professional – New York

3 Weeks on online course ” I must say that I am a lot more observant when talking to people just to see their facial expressions, eye movement and hand talk. This is already helping me to interpret what people are saying. I just finished having a look at the Lie chapter and will also apply this in my day to day activities at work to progress with the training.”
Nico Chief Security Officer – Port Authority

Thank you for a wonderful course!!  I have never left a course and felt to alive and aware of what is happening around me!. The course makes you feel rejuvenated, ready to put into practice what you have learned and to learn even more. I will not only be in a position to implement it in my work environment, but in all aspects of my life. Interaction with other countries and cultures will definitely help with my travels abroad and/or when attending World Conferences. It is just a pity I did not do this course a few years ago. It has already helped me in my working environment to such an extent that my employer has noticed it. Thank you for giving me the gift of awareness and being in a position to read and understand people and situations better. Tessa Police Organization Facilitator

Cycle 1. ”The workshop held on Thursday was really fantastic;  I found your practical examples to be very useful, as they put things into context for me.   Each time I work through the material, the concepts get deeper ingrained, and you really helped to clarify some points that I was a little unsure of.” Juan is an expert in his field and presented a very intriguing, interactive course with useful practical examples. He demonstrated and explained very aptly the language, gestures and reactions of that reflect expressions and their true intentions, in cases where people are deceptive.The course and the study material that is provided, are equipping me to “read” people better, to be more in tune with what is really behind spoken words and to be cognisant of gestures of different cultures across the world. The effect of learning these skills is empowering”Cycle 2. ”I am pleased to be starting learning cycle again. Below is what happened on Friday and I only realised today, that it was the MiM training that gave me the upper hand. Until looking at the material again today, I did not realise how much I was using MiM in daily conversations – it has become so much part of how I interact with people.
Adele – Change Manager and Coach

Workshop feedback ”It has, I have definitely been more perceptive to other people’s behaviour. It has also allowed me better understand my own behaviour and mannerisms.”
Geoff: College Lecturer

Some security guards asked me If I could intervene and speak to their boss. They had not been paid and apparently were getting multiple stories and promises that never materialize.

After phoning and not getting anywhere, I decided to pop in.

The man looked decent, but his language and actions did not line up.

In the boardroom he stood and whilst giving me a variety of stories and reasons as to why he had not paid his staff – he  hammered his fist onto the table and became very aggressive whilst leaning forward and getting into my face. All of this was going on with him glaring at me.

I realized he was looking to see what was landing or what I was believing.

I quietly told him that his lies and aggressive behavior was not working on me – when could the guards expect payment.

He went on another rampage and even called his colleagues to come and look at me…. He tried belittling me… I calmly told his staff he was lying and I would like to know when the guards were going to be paid.

My response was “REALLY….. Do you believe your own lies?”

He then pulled out his most powerful fear tactic and threatened to lay a criminal charge at the local police station.

I called his bluff and offered to meet him there.

For half a micro-second his face dropped and I saw the worry and concern.

I asked again “when will you pay the guards?”

When I left, his ranting and raving reached new heights. The whole time I remained calm – I was in control as I knew the truth.

He phoned me within 15 minutes of leaving – threatening to lay criminal charges. I could hear the lies in his voice. I offered to meet him at the police station with all the staff that he had not paid.

All staff were paid within 30 minutes.

If I was not trained in MiM things would have been seriously different. His fear tactics probably would have eventually worn me down. Having control and seeing the lies for what they were, made a huge difference in my approach and by revealing his lies and calling his bluff, all the guards got paid.”
Amanda – Course designer, Trainer and Coach.

Incredible workshop and (as a separate point), my fellow attendees were absolutely fantastic.  It was such a fascinating group and I learnt so much just from our random chats in-between, so thank you very much for inviting me to attend. Signals been sent out can be responsible for success or failure in all your interactions and negotiations.  In addition, people “listen” and believe non-verbal signals over actual words used…By listening to the language and reading others physical reactions, you are increasing your chances of understanding the thoughts and emotions behind people’s words.  Thereby enhancing your understanding of them and getting 100% more value out of your communication and relationships.

Once the basics are understood, you are able to keep your own responses and language in check, ensuring that you are controlling the image that you would like to present to others. Understanding the subtle nuances of the “unspoken and spoken” language can aid in: Guiding and directing conversations into a successful outcome. Learning to read between the lines gives you a clear advantage when communicating with others on a daily basis.”
Nicky – Executive Coach

Assessment : ”The material is of a very high standard and of profound interest. We use it on a daily basis, in the one instance in Vryheid, a security officer was telling serious untruths and in no time at all, questioned by the two of us, he admitted his wrongdoing and implicated his fellow officer. On another occasion, a youngster approached us, giving out that he had been wrongly accused of having an affair with a married woman. Following his facial and hand movements, he was told in no uncertain terms, that he was deluding himself. After three accusations thrown at him, he confessed that he was in fact having the affair.

I am a 30year veteran in the investigation environment as a detective in the Police, then attached to the Endangered Species Unit. Attended the American International Institute of Polygraph school and have been actively involved in forensic investigation and polygraph examining. I have been fortunate to attend many training courses in various fields. The Master in Mind HIM course was a highly provoking course that brought together many threads from previous courses and I believe as I embark on the online process it will broaden my horizons much more, and help me to develop a very good situational awareness. I thank you for affording me the opportunity of participating in your seminar.
Shaun  Polygraph examiner and forensic investigator

”Thank you for the enlightening presentation you gave. I have been in the Risk Management business profession for the past 48 years and now wish I had been informed of the “Master In Mind” many years ago as it would have made my work so much easier. Especially when interviewing/interrogating suspects and witnessesHowever the knowledge I gained yesterday and will still gain as I work through the on line and on-going training you are offering will also be of tremendous help to me going forward”
Charles Commercial Unit Manager Risk Assessor – Multi National Listed Company

”You impressed me considerably, especially in that your manner of presentation was less formal, and in that a lot of your personality was injected into your manner of presentation. To me, this indicates a higher degree of  authenticity in respect of both your product and person. I am very much aware that lie detection is but one application of MIM, and furthermore that lie detection is probably one of the lesser applications. MIM HIM is far more a career skill that every person in a management position should acquire as a tool to better manage people. You were in the presence of some of the best investigative minds in the country in the workshop which was fascinating with the input provided by all. Your presentation was right on the button, in that it left each participate with far more questions than answers, and the desire to explore those questions.”
Willem : Forensic Investigator ( 35 years)

HIM Impact” Being aware of eye patterns as a result of my NLP training has allowed me to unconsciously monitor conversations differently.  Now with the added training on Master-in-Mind with universal gestures allowed me to immediately detect a reaction I previously would have missed in a business meeting the other day. The tight lip was momentarily displayed, however it was enough time for me with my trained eye to see and immediately I knew that the meeting was heading to a grinding halt as what the lady had offered me in a previous meeting was obviously something she had changed her mind about and now the reasoning she was giving me for the postponement of the  offer was actually a lie. Saved a lot of time and expectation from my side. This in turn also allowed for an open and frank discussion that otherwise would have been a “watered down empty verbal commitment going forward”  to placate me.”
Marlene: Executive Coach and Facilitator

Using chapter 7 now : , ”I have been able to get my ‘subjects’ to speak almost uncontrollably. I’ve used simple keys words inconspicuously to trigger them to talk more. The technique itself, now knowing it, is very simple. Prior to knowing, most people including myself would be persistently asking the wrong questions. And it doesn’t appear to be intrusive, it is more of a subtle push to explain what was meant by that particular key word. I now have a clearer understanding of the ability I have. This course has taught me what I thought I was seeing, I actually am seeing. But now I can differentiate each expression or gesture.” Ramsey – Security Trainer – Australia

 I am now completing today going through the material for 4th time. You were right at the beginning…each time I repeat the material, there’s something extra that I pick up. It shows the importance of continuous repetition of the learning stage, entrenching the second nature importance of the detection while discovering things your brain somehow missed / skipped during each cycle. Enjoying studying people for reactions and accompanying body signals, especially beginning to pick up on the micro expressions now. Using my work environment a lot with all the people around, and in the classrooms, when the students don’t even realize what is happening”
Jack : Chief  Trainer – National Power

”Effective communication is at the heart Human Beings. Relationships of all kinds are powerful forces that touch, move and improve our world. HIM teaches & train how we cannot Not Communicate. Without uttering a word our bodies “leak” information. Consequently, along with the language, we extract reliable information and can manage emotions more effectively. Individuals are empowered to take control of a situation. The quality of our relationships will improve if we can skilLfully read people and understand the emotions and messages behind their words. HIM Course is a MUST for all individuals and corporate companies –  advanced communication skills for the local and international market. I will highly recommend it to the following industries Leona: Executive Coach and Trainer Assessment of MIM Human Investigation Management

Being a ‘Due Diligence Investigator and Innovator’, I have found that the HIM tools are mastery level skills in professional development. Thus, optimizes a distinctive quality of the security and investigation practitioners mindset and the sharpening of awareness of multicultural communications.

The critical importance of situational awareness, and actively seeking information go beyond the way of shaping your questions. It is the HIM tools that bring about confidence in obtaining reliable information that may find loopholes, or open up new possibilities. The most important is to identify and discover the unknowns with what we do know by critical thinking out and in the box that could also stimulate new innovation not yet conceivable to the norms that may become trend setting.
The distinction of the practitioner who is equipped with the HIM tools has the means to optimise this information in ways that create opportunities for clients. It is key for sustainability in business continuity and in crisis management. Furthermore,  HIM tools are also invaluable to personal experiences in decision-making by placing you in the driver’s seat of knowing where you are in your relationships with others.
By Catherine Halse- Due Diligence Investigator and innovator @ Leaders With Sol.

‘’If one is in the field of safety and security, then this tool and course is a necessity. You’re either ahead of the game or playing catch-up.

I would recommend HIM to anyone who is looking to understand people and be more strategic in their dealings with others, especially when they have people’s lives in their hands.

‘’ HIM provides one with the tools and capability to understand what the other person is thinking. This is crucial when strategizing for business projects as well as in one’s personal life. It has personally affected me in shaping the way that I handle conversations and meetings. Being able to tell what the other person is feeling and thinking is a massive bonus and leverage in any social situation.’’
By Jean-Pierre Roux BSocSc hons; MPhil in Criminal Justice

Assessments and Reviews

Professor Rommel Manwong PhD CST CPP

Critical Thinking the X Factor in Criminology, Security and Risk provides an in-depth source of knowledge and literature for criminologists, security and risk investigation practitioners. So far, it is the only material in this field that comprehensively discussed various specific techniques for all types of investigative works

Assessment by Dr Vijay Sewduth Doctor of Philosophy, PhD:

Coaching; National Certificate in Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development (OD ETD) Practices, MA( Behavioral Social Studies), BA(Hons) Social Science, Dip. Industrial Relations, Majors in Communication/ Industrial Psychology, Facilitator and Trainer Assessment:As a Entrepreneur, Trainer, Coach, Assessor and Moderator

I have found Master in Mind HIM tool the most valuable skill to be equipped with.  With regards to negotiating with clients, assessing students,   coaching or counseling clients, being in the present moment and being aware of the subtle signs and gestures helps me ascertain progress of the situation.I signed on as a Trainer for (HIM) and had a day workshop (one on one) with the founder of HIM (Juan).  I was immediately able to use same when I completed my final year assessment of students.   Amazingly it cut my assessment time in half.  By asking simple questions early in the session and watching their reactions, I was able to engage whether the student was prepared, learnt his/her work, was anxious or just nervous.  Based on their reactions I was able to plan the rest of my session.  More time was then devoted to meaningful activities which would benefit the student in the future.When  the course was introduced on line, I realized one can learn this unique talent for deception recognition….. finally understanding  the two distinct modes of deception ie cognitive and emotional clues and how  together they provide the clues for recognizing deception.  The online course is user friendly and can be easily learned.  One also has access to the course for a year where one can refer to if unsure.     E- Learning explains in simple language, with case studies what to look for and how to interpret same.I finally attended a one day workshop presented by Juan to a group from the Security sector.  It is rare to have a speaker who is in such command of his material, who is so open and comfortable in his presentation and so generous of his time and talent.  The participants expressed the uniqueness of the material presented and felt that they could use the information in their everyday life and work

Assessment by

Jean-Pierre Roux

Doctoral Student (University of Glasgow and University of Edinburgh)

BSocSc, Hons, MPhil in Criminology (UCT); FISIO,HIM, SCIM

My journey with ISIO/HIM (Human Investigation Management) began just over three years ago, during a time when I was developing a crime and offence management system for luxury hotels. A security practitioner, and colleague of mine, suggested that I attend an upcoming training event hosted by ISIO. Little did I know how influential that event would be for me, as a criminologist and security practitioner. I went into the training event as most security practitioners do, thinking I already knew everything I needed to be effective in my profession. This ego-driven belief was challenged early on when I began learning the Human Investigation Management (HIM) approaches, and even more so when I began going through the HIM online videos, slides, and training manuscripts. I came face-to-face with the gaps in my knowledge and skills that I was missing.

The HIM training course could not have come at a better time as I was in the field-testing stage of my crime management system. With my newly developed and widened skillset, I was able to illicit extensive information from all persons at the luxury hotel and uncovered a range of crimes and insecurities. These persons ranged from entry-level security staff up to managerial level and the insecurities were both individuals, systems, and the physical environment. The data that I was able to collect formed the basis of a hotel security manual which will be published.

Fast forward to the present moment.

As a criminologist who is about to begin a new era by heading to Europe to complete a four-year PhD, I can’t help but reflect on the journey and the myriad of ways the HIM training course and manuals developed and benefited me, as a person and practitioner. The training has affected all facets of my life, not just the professional ones. It has aided me in being able to identify issues, develop solutions, applying critical thinking, and led to improved relations and interpersonal communication. Critical thinking and improved communication are two skills that I most value.  The critical thinking taught in HIM is not simply assessing external issues and threats, but also developing self-awareness of my personal biases, internal forces, and behavior that affect the efficacy of risk and threat management.

In addition to HIM skillsets and knowledge, being part of the ISIO network has been greatly advantageous. I have been able to connect with like-minded practitioners, had my professional beliefs and assumptions rightfully challenged, and have had access to learn from the approaches and techniques adopted by my associates. There has been a broad exchange of knowledge and ideas across the multiple fields in which my fellow associates practice.

Evidently, I am not the same practitioner I was in 2017 prior to the HIM training. Yet, HIM reminds me that I have not learnt everything I need to know, that there is always room for improvement and greater self-awareness to be achieved. It is a constant journey to improve skills and acquire knowledge in one’s field of interest.

2020: My journey with ISIO and the HIM content is far from over. I continue to refer to the HIM online training, published articles, updated manuscripts, and new protocols. Furthermore, the mentoring nature of the training and accessible webinars allow me to reconsider my approach to existing issues within my field of interest. I could not be more grateful to being part of the ISIO network and having received the HIM training. I am both a better practitioner and person for it.

Dr Declan Garrett

I have found the HIM tool to be very effective. Additionally, as an experienced security industry trainer and developer of training modules. The skills are transferable and relevant for HR, Business Negotiations, etc.
I have found the way in which the training is the delivered and the transfer of learning to be very intuitive

Dr Gavriel Schneider

In our complex world, knowing the difference between when you are safe and when you are not, whether it’s from physical threat or simply someone misleading you, is a crucial skill. HIM provides a set of skills and tools that help you determine other people’s intent

Dr Katerina Poustourli  Pre-normative Security Research

An important addition to this field

I think this paper is excellent and is an important addition to the field. I really like the conceptualization of the Intelligent Investigator as it illustrates the crucial role of “critical thinking” by being proactive and by expanding systematic knowledge and learning entity.

Security and Criminology Investigation Management

Lawrence J. Fennelly

To all security managers I say, “it’s a must read”

Orlando ‘’Andy’’ Wilson

With the spread of international organized crime this book is relevant whether you are working in Beijing, Bogota or Birmingham!

Errol Peace

This is an exciting new approach to the investigation of crime, and very importantly to discovery of criminal activities

Security Manager’s Strategic and Operational Guide to manage covid-19


By Larry Barton, Ph.D.,

Distinguished University Professor of Crisis Management and Public Safety, University of Central Florida, USA

This paper is dynamic in breadth, outlining action steps and considerations that employers must take now, before rancor and situations of aggression and harm emerge in the workplace.  While all of us want to be optimists, we must be realists- the health check of employees in so many employment environments globally does not meet a “one size fits all standard.”  If employers race to bring back employees without thinking about the many nuances that Juan outlines, they do so at their own peril.

Dr. Rommel K. Manwong [Prof]

“Managing COVID-19: Strategic and Operational Guide” is an excellent criminological tool for security and safety managers in packaging their industry-based pandemic protocols. It contains a unique formula in dealing with the current and future threats of public health crisis. The author creatively shared the most necessary direct options to counter COVID-19. A great source in formulating your own counter pandemic formula

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