About us

About us

A panel of experts discuss the new norm

Discussion on the X Factor with Prof Tyagi

Global Positioning

Associations and Organizations representing +10.2 Million security practitioners endorsed the research philosophies and methodologies for HIM’s contribution towards protocols for biothreats.


Uncovers new crime and identifies evolving copycat crime related to the global threats along with tailing threats such as wars or natural disasters.  

Innovation Research and Training

The International Renowned Team is made up of Professional Academics, Academics that are Practitioners besides Non-Academics that are seasoned professionals in distinct sectors.

History of Subject Matter Contribution

2013-2018: The HIM e-Connect Tool experimental was designed and applied that resulted in outcomes which was recorded in the first manuscript ‘Critical Thinking the X Factor in Criminology, Security, and Risk’.

2018: The research continued through the development of the second manuscript ‘Security and Criminology Investigation Management’, that compounded more so on the research distinction between a criminal investigator and security investigation.

2019: The methodology used in Security and Criminology Investigation Management to out-think and outsmart the crime or threat produced an additional outcome by-way of critical thinking in-the-box, is just as important as, out-of-the-box.

This newly acquired knowledge led the research  into the direction of an additional manuscript ”The Master Investigator Critical Thinking in Investigation”.

2019: The research then took direction into using AI for security criminology-risk investigation resulting into a booklet on such.

2020: Security Strategic Protocol or Managing a Pandemic and the Crime Related to the Threat and its tailing threats.

The research predicted outcomes related to the threat and tailing threats which dictated the need to pay attention to the technology, equipment and manpower on the ground, besides the crime related to the threats. The research resulted in additional booklets as the solution was not a one size fits all kind-of-thing, such as covid 19 building security protocols, vaccine security, besides the mentoring on a booklet for housing management taking into consideration ships, hotels, retirement villages, rehabilitation centers, boarding schools, etc.

Considering: The technology and equipment for biological threat security which is driving the shift and shaping of the 4th industrial revolution in the security industry.

2023: Research went further into catastrophe security.

The global threats relating to wars and conflicts compounded the issues and hiking specific issues of concern. Subsequently, HIM issued situational awareness alerts addressing predicted threats besides notices reinforcing specific attention to workforce on the ground.

2024: Global multi-cultural war of thoughts and actions. The increasing issues relating to pro-nationalist and pro-revolutionary groups will impact the public and private security that can utilize the HIM methods to limit the level of collateral damage.

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