New Generation Security, Criminology & Risk Investigation Training Network

New Generation Security, Criminology & Risk Investigation Training Network

Success depends on the Critical Thinking (comprehending the narrative)
and the level of situational awareness of the people (decision-makers) on the ground
and their reaction speed

The New Generation

Criminology, Security and Risk is a living science, as new issues could happen at a moment’s notice. Naturally, standard subject matter is historically built into distinct training because there are crucial components, however, courses must evolve with content addressing current challenges, besides updated educational tools.

Consider adding a module to your stable of training packages or a particular course because;

Personnel could handle life impacting or life & death situations.
Personnel must read the situation, the people on the ground or a person-of-interest to limit and mitigate collateral damage.

Equip the learner with the HIM self-tuition e-Connect Tool

Peer Reviews

In our complex world, knowing the difference between when you are safe and when you are not, whether it’s from physical threat or simply someone misleading you, is a crucial skill. HIM provides a set of skills and tools that help you determine other people’s intent  this skill and capability could save your life. The approach of developing situational awareness is more important now than ever before. Being mindful and knowing how to evaluate someone’s behaviour is a life skill that everyone should develop!
Author of the highly acknowledged – “Can I See your Hands: A Guide to Situational Awareness, Personal Risk Management, Resilience and Security”
Program Director ACU – Postgraduate Program in the Psychology of Risk
By Dr Gavriel (Gav) Schneider FIS (SA), FGIA, FIML, AARPI, MAIPIO, CPP Doctor of Criminology (Security) Degree
(based review on experiencing the training)

As a security pracademic, a practitioner and an academic, I have found the HIM tool to be very effective. Additionally, as an experienced security industry trainer and developer of training modules I have found the way in which the training is the delivered and the transfer of learning to be very intuitive. From a security perspective the training is critical for the frontline security team and other frontline personnel who have security a secondary role. The training provides the security officer with the situational awareness needed to evaluate a situation and respond. The training is also applicable to management and others who need to be able to read people such as investigators and business managers such as HR Managers and Security Managers.
By Dr Declan Garrett (based review on experiencing the training)
DSyRM, MSc, H.Dip.Sec. Man, M.Sec.I.I.
  Critical Infrastructure Training & Education

The HIM e-Connect self-tuition Training Tool and Training-in-Person

The student can link through the trainer’s affiliate link

Training-in-person is highly lucrative and trained by renowned trainers who are part of an international network.

The HIM Partner can select one or more of the participating methods;

  • Add to your website, as an affiliate View – the HIM e-Connect self-tuition training tool
  • Join the network as a trainer as a virtual trainer using video conferencing software
  • Organize workshops and sub-contract to a virtual trainer

Intellectual Gold

The person that learns most is the trainer. The trainers find loopholes in their region of interest and on discovering existing damming issues, find opportunities in enlightening their specialized market or transfer the knowledge to other sectors of industry. There is no doubt that the trainers find themselves swimming in an intellectual pond of knowledge that inspires the desire to learn more with enthusiasm and joy.  You will always be glad that you provided your students the self-tuition tool and/or joined the esteemed group of professionals


Trainers experience an amazing feeling of pride by providing the learners knowledge that generates amazing results in their profession and personal lives. Receiving learner reporting, feedback and comments  provide job satisfaction which fuels the trainer with a healthy dose of achievement which is truly needed by any human being

Certificate of Completion

The Certificate courses are built in modular form. At each level they will obtain the relevant certificate. Subsequently, the learner scaffolds their progress towards their objective. This is the easiest and more effective method of study as the learner’s lab is their daily life social interactions. The few minutes spent watching a short video clip, reading through a slider and simply following the daily instructions by asking people normal questions equips the learner with the information to submit to the examiners. For the SCIM Certificate [Security and Criminology Investigation Management], the learner will need to do a bit of focused research in their region of interest.

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