HIM Affiliate

HIM Affiliate

Join the International Renowned Team of Professionals

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By introducing a simple, yet powerful tool to your located market or field of interest




Simply add the the affiliate link to your website and e-mail link – generate great revenue & intensive brand exposure

Marketing Support

ISIO and IFPO promote the HIM e-Connect Tool

ISIO endorsed media and obtains intensive coverage

ISIO has a following of +50 000 followers growing daily

The Affiliate company or individual will have their logo or picture listed on HIM with their coded link, therefore, also obtaining intensive exposure

The HIM e-Connect Tool is the most important tool for any practitioner. Do view the HIM e-Connect Tool

Furthermore, provides the user the knowledge and therefore, a competitive advantage to survive the intellectual and skills demand for issues that are relevant for today

Training Support

There is a nominal rate to virtual meet data. Some participants may only require an hour others may need longer. It is a very simple and logical method to introduce users to the HIM e-Connect Tool


Great Return of 60 Percent on USD$53 Plus Brand Exposure of the Company or Professional Practitioner. User must have a paypal account [SADC Countries to contact HIM directly]

Research & Test Drive before Applying [Not all will be accepted]

View the HIM e-Connect Tool, the Team and Partner Companies

Activate the HIM e-Connect Tool and use it for a few days, then request a one-to-one virtual meet to apply

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