Human Investigation Management

For So Many Reasons……

Professionals involved in the following must be able to
read the situation & people involved

Judicial System

Journalism/Crime Reporting

Security Criminology – Risk Investigation

Threat Assessment & Emergency Management


Security AI & Technologies

Compliance Governance

Incident Management

Intelligence Management

Countering Human Trafficking

Disciplinary Hearings

Security Audits

Border Security

Social Services

Correctional Services

Campus Security

Hotel & Entertainment

Critical Infrastructure

Diplomatic Services

Hospital Security

Neighbourhood Policing

Security Technology Integration

Security Testing

Countering Organized Crime

Security & Risk Management

Ship Security


Going Deeper!

There is crime in all professions

The big nightmare is not knowing what is truly happening on the ground

or, what are the true intentions of others

Out-think and outsmart the perpetrators!

”Critical thinking the X Factor”

Critical Thinking out and in the box

The vulnerability-landscape can change at any time 

Out-think and Outsmart the forever thinking Perpetrators


  • Uncover New Crime or Discover Hidden Issues and Produce Innovative Solutions.

In Theatre

  • There are multiple threats that not many people have encountered before. Global or regional issues impact worldwide that hike cultural sentiment besides criminal behaviour.

Find the Crime and Stop it!

Protect Sites & Save Lives!


e-Tool & Workshops


Success in this field depends on, the level of situational awareness
of the people on the ground and their reaction speed

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Combined representing 10.2 Million Security Practitioners

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