Security and Criminology Investigation Management® – SCIM™

Security and Criminology Investigation Management® – SCIM™

Investigation Managers & Investigators

Acknowledged as a Unique Specialist


Rite of Passage

The Practitioner deserves the right to hold the SCIM™® after their name

[Their] progressive studies and research has been logged besides being examined by top renowned peers educated in Human Investigation Management that hold Doctorates or Masters academic qualifications in their respective fields.

Application Skills


Uncover New Crime and Discover Existing Copycat Crime


Security Success depends on the level of situation awareness of the decision-makers on the ground and their reaction speed


Discover issues risk issues happening that others are unaware of


Policing of Critical Infrastructure, No-Go Areas, Safer Cities, Whistle-Blowers or Witnesses

Test before you Commit

Our research has led us to believe that not all people can be effective security and criminology investigation managers or investigators for that matter. The reasons are spelt out in the e-books/manuscripts that are included with the HIM e-Connect Training tool. If trained correctly a learner could overcome the issues that impact a professional investigator or investigation manager.

Subsequently, it is advised that before any learning commitment or investment – the learner should obtain the HIM e-Connect Training tool (view). The HIM e-Connect tool also provides the user to participate in the Virtual Workshops.

Thereafter, some learners may wish to do certification 3 or 4 (which will provide credit and discount for SIMC).


Total 5 units

Critical Thinking Security and Criminology Investigation Management

Qualitative research security style

  • Lie, deception detection and critical situational interviewing taking cultural behaviour into account

Project Manage the team and recruit the experts for oral and hard evidence

Administrate the evidence and secure the custody of evidence

Easiest and Most Effective Learning Method

Video Conferencing Workshops (e-Supervised)

HIM e-Connect Training Tool (Multimedia)

containing the Instructional Guide (Unsupervised Learning)


The manuscripts and guidance articles enlightens practitioners that need to out-think and outsmart criminals and terrorists.


Practically apply daily in profession & social interactions
(Min 15 minutes on-line per day)

20 odd hours per week of practically applying the tools
in the profession & personal life during social interactions

10 Video Conferencing Workshops
(45 minute sessions)

Easy weekly reporting

Final Essays


12 Months TQT (Total Qualifying Time)

Top Renowned Trainers and Examiners

Trainer and Examiners are different people

Examined by a Doctor of Masters

On-line Workshop Training

Transferable Skills

Oversight and Governance

International Diplomacy

Top Level Negotiations

Project Management

Vertical Markets

Corporate Security

Investigative Journalists

Critical Infrastructure

Correctional Services

Policing Agencies

Competitive Edge

Acquiring this SCIM Certificate of Completion acknowledges the holder with unique knowledge and practical ability

SCIM® Rate

USD$ 1 400 in total [Individual] (without having done  modules 3 & 4)

Done Module 4 (CHIMC): SCIM rate: Total USD $648

Done Module 3: SCIM rate in total USD $1128

****SADC countries contact HIM directly for rate

Client Discount available for upgrading

Terms and Conditions

Comments and Feedback on Training

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