Rates and Connections

Rates and Connections


  • HIM Self–Tuition training tools  From USD$16-USD$53/year access. (Find@bottom of this page)

  • Certification of Online Completion Rate only for HIM e-connect self-tuition tool and not HIM Clips only: USD$50 (student log monitored and interview)
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  • Training in person in a workshop is rated by each trainer. The HIM e-connect training tool is provided. Certificate of Attendance is included after going through the 9 week cycle.

  • Certification train in person with a supervisor and examined by a Dr or Masters Examiner that is familiar on how to use the skill-set in your region of interest.
    Contact HIM to be assigned. Duration 9-12 months – View More  USD$2080


Judicial, Criminology, Investigations, Security & Protection

Directors, Managers & Negotiators

Journalists, Crime Reporters & Conflict Correspondents

Sociology: profession & personal issues

The Easiest & most Effective way to Acquire the Skill-Set and Master the Skill-Craft

HIM e-connect self-tuition training tool
& one-to-one with a professional

Workshops in person

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