New Generation Human Resources

New Generation Human Resources

There is more HR in Security than HR itself!

Know the intentions of others

The Negotiator that can read the other better derives more out of the negotiation

International HIM Network of Renowned Professionals

Practitioners may need to investigate or manage investigations; 

Analysing Incident software to select remedies, for example; adopting or upgrading skills

Evaluate People that do lie, hide or volunteer information for their own agenda

Manage Disciplinary Hearings

Avoiding Damage; 

Recruiting people that could cause workplace violence or reputational damage

Case Study

We case-study Investigation in Criminology, Security,Protection & Risk because, these practitioners daily interact with crime or terror and could handle life impacting or life & death situations. It is not the weapon but the person this is the primary focus. These practitioners must be able to read the situation, a person-of-interest and the people involved to mitigate or limit the level of collateral damage.

Critical Thinking Uncovers loopholes, Discovers issues
or Opportunities (methods) to limit or mitigate the known and the unknown

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