Managing Covid-19

Managing Covid-19

Security Protocols for Managing CV-19


By Larry Barton, Ph.D., Distinguished University Professor of Crisis Management and Public Safety, University of Central Florida, USA

This paper is dynamic in breadth, outlining action steps and considerations that employers must take now, before rancor and situations of aggression and harm emerge in the workplace.  While all of us want to be optimists, we must be realists- the health check of employees in so many employment environments globally does not meet a “one size fits all standard.”  If employers race to bring back employees without thinking about the many nuances that Juan outlines, they do so at their own peril.



Prof. Rommel K. Manwong, PhD “Managing COVID-19: Strategic and Operational Guide” is an excellent criminological tool for security and safety managers in packaging their industry-based pandemic protocols. It contains a unique formula in dealing with the current and future threats of public health crisis. The author creatively shared the most necessary direct options to counter COVID-19. A great source in formulating your own counter pandemic formula

Included in the HIM e-Connect Tool

  • Covid-19 Building Security Protocols

  • How to get the best out of incident reporting

  • Guidance Article on handling emotionally charged or mental unwell people

  • HIM e-Connect Tool is constantly updated with new issues uncovered

  •  Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Boarding Schools, Hotels, Ships, etc

Security Practitioners could easily handle life impacting or deadly situations

Using Equipment, Technology and Manpower in concert

Know what, where, how and why!

Security success for limiting covid-19 collateral damage depends on the level of situational awareness of all on the ground, quick decision making and most importantly reaction speed!

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