HIM e-connect practitioner’s tools

HIM e-connect practitioner’s tools

Tools, e-Handbooks,Workshops and Certificates

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Step 1: Reading people

Complete Set of Tools 

The Easiest and Most Effective ”Evidence Based”
Deception Detection and Critical Situational Interviewing Method! 

Use 15 Minutes a dayWatch & Learn – ‘Do, Experience and Embed’

The short Video Clips, Slider and weekly Instructional Guide provides the ability to read people within seconds, and  extract all-the-truthful-information besides managing emotions.

Dr Declan Garrett

I have found the HIM tool to be very effective. Additionally, as an experienced security industry trainer and developer of training modules. The skills are transferable and relevant for HR, Business Negotiations, etc.
I have found the way in which the training is the delivered and the transfer of learning to be very intuitive

Dr Gavriel Schneider

In our complex world, knowing the difference between when you are safe and when you are not, whether it’s from physical threat or simply someone misleading you, is a crucial skill. HIM provides a set of skills and tools that help you determine other people’s intent

Step 2: Know where, how and why to use the skill-set Tool

Tool Includes: PDF e-Guides, Research Manuscripts & Protocols

The knowledge included provides for a strategic and operational approach for uncovering new crime. discovering evolving copycat crime and suggested methods to limit or mitigate collateral damage.

This knowledge of knowing where, why and how to find the person of interest is required to determine if they are working in concert with others which is vital to comprehend the big picture.

Security Manager’s Strategic, Operational and Protocol Guide  for Managing Covid-19

  • Included are protocols for distinct sectors besides an easy comprehensible method to design unique protocols for relevant purpose. This is because – it is not a one size fits all

    Reviewed by Professor Larry Barton and Professor Rommel Manwong

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(all can be downloaded and printed)

Evidence Based

Used as Experimental Tool  to Compile Manuscript for Research


Professor Rommel Manwong PhD CST CPP

Critical Thinking the X Factor in Criminology, Security and Risk provides an in-depth source of knowledge and literature for criminologists, security and risk investigation practitioners. So far, it is the only material in this field that comprehensively discussed various specific techniques for all types of investigative works

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(all can be downloaded and printed)

Lawrence J. Fennelly

To all security managers I say, “it’s a must read”

Orlando ‘’Andy’’ Wilson

With the spread of international organized crime this book is relevant whether you are working in Beijing, Bogota or Birmingham!

Errol Peace

This is an exciting new approach to the investigation of crime, and very importantly to discovery of criminal activities


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Dr Katerina Poustourli  Pre-normative Security Research

An important addition to this field

I think this paper is excellent and is an important addition to the field. I really like the conceptualization of the Intelligent Investigator as it illustrates the crucial role of “critical thinking” by being proactive and by expanding systematic knowledge and learning entity.

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Aims and Objectives

The Aim is to provide the participant access to other like minded people in a discussion on how, where and why to use the skill-sets best. Sometimes it is not only what one knows but who one must get to know!

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