Endorsed 1 hour Virtual Workshops

Endorsed 1 hour Virtual Workshops

For the Criminologist, Security, Risk, Investigation & Protection Practitioners

Zoom Workshops


How it works

Virtual Workshops

1 hour Virtual Workshops

How it works

The Participant must obtain the HIM e-Connect Tool  USD$53 and then can access the Virtual Workshops

(SADC Countries contact HIM to obtain Rand Rate)

The workshops below and on other subjects to follow @ USD$20 per person workshop
(SADC Countries contact HIM to obtain Rand Rate)


VW 1: Security and Criminology Investigation Management

VW 2: Critical Thinking the X Factor in Criminology, Security and Risk

VW 3: Lie, Deception detection and Critical Situational Interviewing

VW 4: Witness and Protection Profiling

Vertical Sector Virtual Workshops

  • These workshops talk to distinct issues in specific regions of interest


One-to-one: Contact HIM for rate

Virtual Team Workshops (Zoom) Min 6 – Max 10 people | Hours: 1
@ USD$20 per person workshop

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Please insert the workshop name or vertical sector in the subject line along with your message

     VW1: Virtual Workshop

    Security and Criminology Investigation Management

    Content: Bonding and bridging security and criminology with investigation

    The Participant obtains the HIM e-Connect Tool can activate the workshops .

     VW2: Virtual Workshop

    Critical Thinking the X Factor in Criminology, Security and Risk

    Content: Critical thinking uncovers loopholes, discover damning issues and opportunities. This is required to out-think or outsmart the criminal to uncover new crime or existing crime

    VW3 :Virtual Workshop

    Lie, Deception Detection and Critical Situational Interviewing

    Content: You have no idea who can read you better while you are reading them. The How-To acquire the skill-sets and master the skill-craft

    The New Generation method of the lie, deception detection and critical situational interviewing training tool.

    VW 4: Virtual Workshop

    Witness and Protection Profiling

    Content: Professional Practitioners cannot afford being misled by the witness nor the people that are encountered

    Vertical Sector Virtual Workshops

    The Practitioner that is focused on a distinct region of interest may have unique issues. These issues could be mimicked in other regions of interest but flavoured  differently and evolved copycat crime.

    • Organized Crime, Gang Crime and the ever changing conventional crime
    • Correctional Services and Detention Centres
    • International Security Management
    • Polarized Neighbourhood Policing
    • Border Control and Immigration
    • Corporate and Industry Security
    • Critical Infrastructure Security
    • Intermodal Transport Security
    • Security Investigations
    • Hotel Security

    Contact HIM to explore an hour virtual workshop



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