HIM Video Clips only

HIM Video Clips only

Deception detection & Investigative Interviewing

Note: Please do allow 12 hours for clip access after payment ( time zone )

Short video clips for all devices

USD$36 for the year access to Video Clips only

Most Powerful Method

Watch & Learn – Do, Experience & Embed

Ask someone Remember questions and see the reactions

Test the Power

Based on ‘Watch and Learn’ – Do, Experience & Embed acquire the skill-set

Instruction: Follow the clip sequence by watching a clip and daily practice what you see and hear for a week at a time. Before you know it, you will acquire the skill-set. USD$36 for the year accessNote: Upgrade to Only the HIM e-connect training tool collection with videos, slider and toolbox within 30 days and obtain USD$26 Discount off MIM HIM e-connect training tool(slider, video clips & toolbox). Contact HIM before the 30 days to request the payment request for the discounted version of the complete e-connect.

To master the skill-craft upgrade to the e-connect self-tuition full training tool collection or other options provided by the professionals (not discounted) in the connections link

Registration and Payment procedure

  1. FIRST Activate Payment
  2. Then click GREEN button below to Register
  3. Once verified – you will be activated and notified 


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