Team In-house Virtual Group Meetings

Team In-house Virtual Group Meetings

Current Threat Status: Active Biological Threat
& Tidal Wave of Crime related to the economic meltdown on the horizon

Success in this field depends on;

the level of situational awareness of the people on the ground (decision-makers)
and their reaction speed

Live 1-hour virtual group meetup

Team connects at the same time from anywhere in the world
using any device

Presenter’s Knowledge

In theatre Biological Threat Security

Who should participate

Managing Director

Head of Human Resources

Financial Officer

Head of Security

Security, Risk and Investigation Personnel

High Retention Levels

Participants will be sent a link to the recording

Virtual Meetup Rate

A rate will be quoted on request


The HIM e-Tool/Year Access,

Ask your questions, such as,

Let us know how many people you have in mind?

and we will provide you the Rate!

Provide 2 dates and time that suits you best!

    NOTE: Terms and Conditions

    Obviously, No refunds or change of dates allowed UNLESS notified within 48 hours prior booking

    If there is an internet issue during the workshop then the participant will be sent a linked invitation within a few minutes to continue.

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