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It is not the weapon that commits terror or crime – it is people!

”I want to say that even before attending this course I believed and felt that I had a strong sense and understanding on interview skills and knowledge of being able to pick up signs from people as to their behaviour. We’ll, how wrong was I! This course and material as heightened my senses by 100% I am now subconsciously noticing movements, body language and gestures than before did not even register..The e-connect HIM course application manual provides a plethora of information and really makes it simple to understand along as you follow the cycle. The cycle works but needs to be followed. The training provided during the online in person training was second to none, not only does he talk about it in detail but can constantly keep you online.
By Stephen Langley LLB (Hons)(Open) MSc Sec CHIMC

New Challenges

Professionals could handle life impacting or life & death situations,therefore, take their job functions just as seriously as a surgeon.

Considering the Region of interest, people-on-the-ground or a person of interest, the Manager must critical think the narrative framework, the true situation and discover loopholes, uncover damming issues or find opportunity in so far as to turn a person of interest into an asset. 

Learner Guide for Certificates and Master Practitioner

CHIM-C and Master Practitioner Learner guide, aims and assessment


When repeating the course cycle from the third time, do keep a diary by way of recording the person’s name and cultural group. With each interaction do compile a few words on the Situation, Position and Implications of the meeting and do include any particular physical or verbal indicators that you must keep in mind of that person.


A. Submit a 2000 word essay on your day to day interaction with others paying attention to your level of situational awareness and your interactions with others in order to extract usable, reliable and all-the-information.

 Reason to strengthen your ability to read people.

B. A 2000 word essay on various cultures that you interact with in personal or in business. What you notice with regards to cultural conduct, cultural communication and/or religious physical conduct paying attention to eyes, face, hands and feet.

– Reason is to evaluate and interview without prejudice knowing that one can be misunderstood or misinterpret others.

C. A 2000 word essay on ‘What does Situational Awareness mean to you in context to your region of interest?
Reason – is for opening your own mind to your ”situation of interest’ to gather usable, reliable and all the information to clarify your S.P.I


Action and Study method:
Workshop or Online in Person

Obtain the HIM e-connect course application manual training tool USD$53

And the balance of USD $2080 is for 

Register, online Log Monitoring and Certification  Payment USD$460

Undergo 5 training sessions online in person during the course cycles with HIM Certified Trainer at USD$260 per hour session

Repeat the course cycle 3 times and on the fourth time compile your essays ( Duration 9 – 12 months).

Submit essays and finally interview with HIM Certified Examiner who is a different person to the Trainer $USD320

Video conferencing with examiner ( Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout ). The Examiner will be a different person to the trainer.

HIM will provide the CHIM/C Certification of Completion or MHIM

Contact HIM to register and obtain student number.


Contact: HIM to be referred

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