Certificates of Completion

Certificates of Completion

Progressive and Easy step by step

Note: From Certificate Level 3 onwards: certificates must be done in sequence because, the easy method of learning is based on scaffolding the knowledge using a learning process

Module 2 | Certificate of Attendance  

 Lie, Deception detection and Critical Situational Interviewing Awareness

Connect for a one-on-one virtual training or do a workshop physically in person

Workshop in Person: Rate will be quoted by trainers

Virtual Workshop: Contact HIM for rate
(users from SADC countries, Philippines, India and South America contact HIM for rate)

  •  Do 1 cycle (9 weeks) reporting weekly answers to 2 questions. HIM will check log activity and reporting before issuing certificate of attendance. NOTE: The Certificates would support the bearer’s claim of using the tool as prescribed (Unique Learner Cert. Number)

Certificates of Completion

Certificates are non- accredited yet in certain countries but ISIO Endorsed world-wide.

Module 3 | Certificate of Completion     [Module/Unit]

Lie Deception Detection and
Critical Situational Interviewing [CSI3]

The Module 3 Certificate of Completion is a 18 week procedure (practitioner repeats the course cycle as prescribed twice)

  • Module 3 Certificate of Completion (18 weeks)
  • Learner must provide weekly reporting and Log monitored by HIM
  • Contact HIM to Register for level 3
  • Rate: Examiner Assessment : In Total: USD$ 372 (Level 3)
    (users from SADC countries contact HIM for rate)

Module 4 | Certificate of Completion     [Module/Unit]
Critical Thinking Deception Detection and Critical Situational Interviewing CHIM/C

The Professional Practitioner must know how to read the situation, the people involved and/or a person-of-interest

The emphasis of the training is on mastering the skill-sets and exploring where, why and how to use them in your field of interest

Module 5 | Certificate of Competence     [Course/Module/Unit]

Security and Criminology Investigation Management ® [SCIM™] 


Not all people can be effective investigation managers or investigators. This is explained in the SCIM link

The Bearer of this Certificate obtains rite of passage and a competitive advantage by being recognized as a security/criminology investigator and for security/criminology investigation management. The unique focus is to investigate organized crime and terror using security and criminology knowledge which is bridged with new generation skills

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