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Certified Human Investigation Management Module

Certification for Lie, Deception detection and Critical Situational Interviewing

  • Cultural Behavior
  • Human Natural Indicators
  • SPI (Situation – Position – Implications ) Critical Thinking Situational Awareness
  • Lie, Deception Detection & Critical Situational Interviewing

Master Practitioner MHIM 

Critical Thinking Situational Awareness uncovers loopholes, discovers issues or opportunities


New Challenges

People manage people for a number of reasons, as well as, get involved in high level negotiations. Furthermore, managers would interact with people of different cultures within their own location or on their international travel. Being familiar with cultural conduct and cultural behavior is vital in order not to misinterpret others or be misunderstood in high level negotiations. Cultures can dominate meetings simply using physical movement that is understood by their own culture and not by foreigners.

People do lie, hide information, volunteer information for their own agenda. Reading people using deception detection and investigative interviewing taking into account cultural connotations is a critical core skill for directorship, management and negotiations.

The Manager does evaluate, interview people and sometimes goes further using investigative interviewing to gather usable, reliable and all the information


A company or idea is only as good as its people

When partnering, recruiting or subcontracting out-sourced professionals. A professional has to truly know if they are competent besides their level of moral compass.

Is there anything that the company should know about that could create issues from a personal perspective relating to family issues in family and home, finance and career, spiritual and ethical, social and cultural, educational aspirations, as well as, physical and health? Do you have to know if the person of interest ever been investigated for malpractice, embezzlement, theft, sexual harassment, or for any other reason that could harm or damage the company reputation?

In some instances moral character may need to be further vetted, such as, how they would perform if because they are being blackmailed, extorted or manipulated in any way?


When repeating the course cycle from the third time, do keep a diary by way of recording the person’s name and cultural group. With each interaction do compile a few words on the Situation, Position and Implications of the meeting and do include any particular physical or verbal indicators that you must keep in mind of that person.


A. Submit a 2000 word essay on your day to day interaction with others paying attention to your level of situational awareness and your interactions with others in order to extract usable, reliable and all the information by getting them to talk more.

Reason to strengthen your ability to read people.

B. A 2000 word essay on various cultures that you interact with in personal or in business. What you notice with regards to cultural conduct, cultural communication and/or religious physical conduct paying attention to eyes, face, hands and feet.

Reason is to evaluate and interview without prejudice knowing that one can be misunderstood or misinterpret others.

C. A 2000 word essay on ‘What does Situational Awareness mean to you in context to your region of interest?
Reason – is for opening your own mind to your ”situation of interest’ to gather usable, reliable and all the information to clarify your S.P.I

Video conferencing with examiner ( Skype or Google Hangout ). The Examiner will be a different person to the trainer.


Action and Study method:
Workshop or Online in Person

Obtain the HIM e-connect course application manual training tool USD$53

And the balance of USD $2080 is for 

Register, online Log Monitoring and Certification  Payment USD$460

Undergo 5 training sessions online in person during the course cycles with HIM Certified Trainer at USD$260 per hour session

Repeat the course cycle 3 times and on the fourth time compile your essays ( Duration 9 – 12 months).

Submit essays and finally interview with HIM Certified Examiner who is a different person to the Trainer $USD320

HIM will provide the CHIM Certification

Contact HIM to register and obtain student number.

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