Virtual or In-Person Workshops or Online

Virtual or In-Person Workshops or Online

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Organizers & Trainers


”I found the workshop extremely inspiring and without doubt, one of the best workshops that I have recently attended.
The quality of the workshop exceeded my expectations and the content was completely absorbing from start to finish.  Combined also with the excellent interaction skills of the trainer, I found it to be an all-round stimulating experience”

By Kia: International Security Consultant

I believe this workshop is the most important workshop security managers can attend.This workshop shows you how to read people. It is so important in security as we are all busy with investigations.These skills learned can also be applied in business negotiations.”

By Lionel: Director Security Consultancy

”The MIM HIM Human Investigation Management workshop has unarguably been the most useful, relevant workshop that I have ever attended. It was thoroughly engaging, practical and thought provoking. This workshop is highly recommended, not only to Security Professionals like myself, but for all sectors of business. I look forward to working my way through the course material over the coming weeks.

By Fred:Regional Security Manager: Corporate Security”’

” The workshop was a big eye opener. Regarding your training method, ISIO MIM HIM, it is epic!! You have the knowledge and combined unique skill to subtract all reliable relative information from another human being(subject) to validate interview and investigate (ask the right question at the right time for the right reason).In the security industry(more so) it is imperative for every security officer, manager etc.. to be aware daily what is their level of situational awareness and how to mitigate any or all threats. The only regret I have is that I was not introduced (on this level) to this method sooner when I was still in the Police. Just thinking the impact I could have made even more so than that I accomplished. I am definitely going to recommend this course to my colleagues in the security industry and Police.”

By Jaco: Security Manager/Security Company

‘I would just like to thank you for the workshop I attended. I believe that due to the way it was presented on the day, it allowed me to get the maximum benefit from the workshop. With the content of the workshop being of such value to me it really was important for me to learn and remember, which again I feel I have been able to do as a result of how the workshop was presented. The content of the workshop has opened my eyes to a different form of language that I almost took for granted as an every day practice. Knowing that I have these new tools at my disposal now has allowed me to feel a sense of security surrounding my daily interactions with others.”

By Peter:Chief Investigator

”The workshop and tools have been invaluable to me.It affords each practitioner the opportunity to see the truth before their eye.More often than not, we do not see what is ‘really’ taking place before us. A lot of misinterpretation to our surroundings and Human investigation management, invokes the brain to rise to the potential of being situational aware and therefore making each decision through your day more accurate. This training is the perfect way to filter and produce an ‘unfiltered’ truth of all the exposure we are subjected to everyday.

By Jono: Security Company Director

” I found the workshop most informative, as it showed me that I do possess the skills within myself to make a difference, and to be a vital cog in the decision making process.What I found most interesting is that the presenter did not make use of any visuals or paperwork, which to me indicated that the presenter was presenting out of experience.What interested me more is that the presentation was based on experiences around the globe. I also like the idea that the presentation was not a once off talk show, but that the presenter will have follow – ups with attendees”

By Reginald: Security Manager [Hotel]

”Having attended an advanced course in Psychologically Motivated Crimes(Serial Killers/Rapists) during the time when I served in the SAPS Detective Services,we received instruction on the basic signs that somebody is lying.While it was not intensive, I found it very interesting. When I attended the one on one ISIO MIM:HUMAN INVESTIGATION MANAGEMENT workshop with you, it rekindled that interest,and I enjoyed doing the full 9 week e-connect tool immensely, with my situational awareness concerning my surroundings and my interactions with the people around me reaching new heights.I am really impressed with the outcome.

The continuing support received via email and skype made maintaining the Learning Curve easy and doable.

By Jannie: Owner of Tracing & Tracking Investigation Company

”I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, which was highly interactive and insightful throughout. The key topics including International culture gestures, Human natural indicators and Deception Detection & investigative Interviewing, among others, we’re all relevant considering my daily encounters in the Hotel security environment. I am now looking forward to the next stage of this Human Investigations learning via the e-connect application for the next 12 months. I would recommend the ISIO MIM HIM workshop to all Hotel & Casino Security Managers”

By Deon: Security Manager [Hotel]

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