Uncover New Crime and Discover Existing Copycat Crime

Uncover New Crime and Discover Existing Copycat Crime

The Practitioner’s nightmare is not knowing the true situation in their region of interest. The X factor is the greatest fear, which is, being unaware of issues in theater – when did it begin, how long has it been going on, who is involved and why are they involved.

The vulnerability-landscape is constantly changing. The practitioners may know their historic issues and they consider current challenges. This would give guidance to limiting and mitigating the collateral damage. When the practitioner cannot read the true situation or the people involved, then they invite collateral damage.

Furthermore, The professional practitioner must consider issues in other regions of interest, as there could be copycat crime or new issues uncovered or discovered from other sectors that may impact their region of interest.


Determine your own true situation by identifying copycat crime or discover your own unique issues in your region of interest, such as in, polarized neighborhoods,  close protection sector, polygraph industry, hotel security, insider threats, organized crime, to mention but a few. These and more will be updated continuously keeping our users updated.

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” Uncovering loopholes in the Close Protection Sector ”

” Uncovering loopholes or damming issues in Polygraph Industry”

” Project Management Security Style ”

Security success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision-makers on the ground and reaction speed

Critical thinking situational awareness measures levels of situational awareness and UNIQUE outcomes. The unique outcomes are the newly discovered issues which are the X Factors.

All of the above guidance guidance articles and pdf’s are now included into HIM, which is the easiest , most effective and comprehensive tool for practitioners

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