The Assessor

The Assessor

The Assessor's Overview and Procedures

Assessor Certificate


This is important for security companies to display that they are serious and up to date with global standards

Already, in some countries the security sector has suffered reputational damage because of their sites becoming super spreaders of the virus – especially when protecting quarantine sites.

This is important – Security is handling life impacting and deadly outcomes when it is an active biological threat.

There is a difference between health department cv-19 protocols and security cv-19 protocols.

Furthermore, we have no idea when this threat will disappear because it is a mutating threat. And most importantly in years to come – there could be others.

This is important because business has to revive financial security – they need the money!

Customers may have great fears visiting venues because they could have good reason. There are people that have compromised health or also could have psychological issues such as phobias.

Also, when a site has been compromised by the pandemic and it is known publicly, then customers will then avoid the site.

Furthermore, there is crime related to the threat and crime related to the outcome of the threat being related to the economic meltdown. Some of these could stimulate violent situations that draw attention to a site where customers will then avoid the site causing loss of revenue. It is vital to layer the manpower by skillsets.

When they see the Certificate of Compliance along with professionally skilled staff, then they may feel emotionally secure!

Who is the Assessor?

Awarding bodies, Security Companies, Security Consultants, Security Risk Investigators, Security Trainers, and HIM Assessors

These awarding bodies, consultants and assessors are able to call on Security Companies and all other companies or sites for COC19 assessment. It is obvious that an outside assessor has to assess a security company.

The Assessor will also obtain the Trainer Certificate.

Obviously, the Assessor cannot assess their own sites of responsibility. For example, their training certificate can train their own staff but an outside assessor must assess the site. However, if their client would like their own name on the certificate, then the bearer of the assessor certificate could assess their client. Keep in mind, that the client’s nominated person must authorize their affidavit thus providing oversight on their provider.

The Certificate is renewable yearly with changing numbers for good reason. It is vital for the bearer is in a constant state of situational awareness and may need to know added or specific protocols besides issues of concern.

All bodies

All bodies, awarding bodies, security companies, security assessment consultants and HIM assessors can assess corporate in-house security departments that have their own security teams

Security Companies

A Security Company can be a COC19 Certificate of Compliance assessor. Obviously their own company and their clients should comply with COC19 criteria.

The Security Company can provide their clients the security company’s COC19 certificate to display.

When the Security Company’s clients that would like ”THEIR OWN COC19 certificate” then they could be assessed by their servicing security company. This is fine because the Client’s management provides the affidavit therefore assuring oversight of their service provider. This means that the specific staff within the security company could be trained as security assessors, or the company can form an alliance with the HIM assessor.

Market Sectors

All sites that experience mass movement or house people in any form under the shelter of a roof

Distinct Sectors

Housing management: Quarantine Centers, Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Hotels, Boarding Schools, Ships

Assessor’s application, actions and benefits

  1. Activate HIM Tool USD$53 for year access

  2. After going through it – and get to know the security covid 19 protocols. When confident, book a one to one virtual meet with HIM.

  3. If accepted as a candidate and the applicant wants to proceed further, then the applicant must submit
    their payment (according to the awarding body’s rates) to continue further (Applicant is provided 2 certificates – Trainer and Assessor)

  4. The method to acquire the knowledge is easy because the foundation principle are repeated in all manuscripts and simply re-applied in different scenarios. The Candidate Assessor must read 5 booklets to acquire the knowledge for comprehending the topic.

  5. Once the applicant is confident, then the applicant can request a one to one examination with HIM. The applicant will be issued an examination sheet to complete. If the assessor’s applicant is successful then the assessor will receive the Certificates and Listing.

  6. ISIO and HIM will list the Assessor’s picture and profile or The Company’s logo and profile, as well as, being presented with the Assessors Certificate

Based on Peer Reviews

Professor Larry Barton and Dr Rommel Manwong [Prof] for Security and Operational Protocol Guide for Managing cv-19


Assessing the Sites

The Assessment for each company can be done virtually.

The Head of Security must agree to state that their company’s technology and equipment complies with the law of their land. Furthermore, that they use the HIM Security COVID-19 Protocols and comply with their country’s covid-19 laws:

The Compliance Procedures (Find link below) considering:

  • Legitimate Technology and Equipment

  • Installs and users the technology or equipment correctly

  • Manpower to be equipped and layered by skillsets besides being knowledgeable
    on security cv19 protocols for their field of responsibility

Included in the Affirmation of Agreement

Undertakes to provide their staff the HIM security cv-19 protocols for distinct sectors because each sector has its unique issues.

And that the security staff are using medical grade PPE masks.

IMPORTANT: Manpower that may need to using physical restraint must wear goggles or a facial shield. The eyes are just as porous as the mouth. Perpetrators could resort to shouting, or spitting at the officer.

Important note: Do not ask for the brand, model number or any other such information on the technology or equipment being used.

This affidavit method being used is based on a security consideration. It is not wise  for anybody to know the tech or equipment that is used at a site because that intel could assist perpetrators.  Furthermore, this method is a virtual assessment method besides a highly effective awareness method to draw attention to the importance of procedure and being correctly equipped for handling an active biological threat. 


A Security services Company is able to provide their certificate of compliance to their customer because they have been assessed as compliant. However, if their client wants their own name on the certificate then the client’s site has to be assessed. The clients’ nominated person to then authorize the affidavit which provides oversight over the service provider.

Client Procedure

  1. The Client should activate the HIM Tool because it contains all the necessary information. (Assessor obtains HIM affiliate commission)

  2. Then the Client will pay HIM (a quoted rate) to register/e-file to be opened for the assessment/per site. The assisting assessor will be paid (a specific rate) per site on the assessor’s invoice for the facilitation.

  3. The Client must prepare all the documentation required

      4. The Client then sends the information to HIM (cc to Assessor that double checks the information and affirms all the documentation).

      5. The Client will be charged directly by HIM for the Assessment in relation to number of sites.
          Rate: A quoted rate per site (Non-refundable) ***The cost excludes the FILE OPENING RATE paid.

         – The Assessor will be paid  on their invoice immediately on completion by HIM Rate(dictated rate) per site.

  • HIM will close the file and store the file along with making up the certificate and dispatching it (cc’d to the assessor and the awarding body)

Note: The Certificate will not be issued until all conditions are met and supported by the documentation. Furthermore, note below that the Certificate can be withdrawn for distinct reason

Security Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the people on the ground and their reaction speed

With an active biological threat - reaction speed is here and now!

View the Client’s Assessment Criteria and Procedures

Trainers Booklet is within HIM Tool


  1. Acquire the HIM Tool 

  2. Contact HIM for initial interview

Step 3

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