Profit Protect using COC19 Compliance Principles

Profit Protect using COC19 Compliance Principles

What and How to present 2022 Contingency Security Budget

The Client (End Users)

The client by being compliant should also have the objectives, namely,

Profit Protect

  • Profit protects their site by all means

Increase Store Traffic with Professionalism

  • Encourage customers that will avoid going to the site by managing the entry flow professionally

Avoid Reputational Damage

Covid19 and the economic meltdown dictates that practitioners need to secure a user-friendly atmosphere that can be viewed by the customers as a professionally managed site. People carry phones that can record bad behavior.

  • Avoid Reputational Damage; Any corruption by floor staff e.g., allowing people jumping the queues or taking a bribe for any product or service especially issues related to the basic needs of man.

  • Avoid Reputational damage by contracting unlicensed practitioners.

Find the Crime

  • There is some crime that cannot be reimbursed by insurance companies which will erode the profits.

Reduce Human Resource Expenses

  • Protect the wellbeing of the staff ; This would increase the expenses related to increased sick leave and employing temporary staff besides multi skilling-up staff or any other expenses related to replacing staff.

  • By layering the manpower by skillsets using security protocols for managing the flow and behavior of people.

  • By adhering to the protocols mandated by the health community relating to technology and equipment

Appropriately Equipped for Security Status

  • Upgrading Threat Status and take new precautions relative to the threat. For example, one may be located in a country where there may be increased riots and demonstrations for whatever reason, or that could turn ugly and turn into a state of anarchy. Besides the location- one could relate it to a field of interest. Not updating or investing in tech or equipment or by layering the manpower by skillsets could become more costly.

  • Purposely purchase authentic technology and equipment that complies with standards set out by the health sector for temperature taking be it fever cams, thermal imaging cameras or thermometers. Profits are depleted when tech or equipment has to be repurchased because of the brand being as counterfeit or is banned for any reason whatsoever.

  • Furthermore, consider purposely purchasing software. For example, ‘man down’ alerts would serve well in an old-aged home or even at the front gate where security personnel are positioned. Any delays in reaction speed or rescuing people could be costly in many ways.

Avoid Lawsuits

  • Avoid lawsuits: When the client is a specific business, for example, a second-hand store that may be re-selling assist breathing equipment, perhaps refilling or reselling old oxygen bottles that may have black fungus within either, in the equipment, tubes or valves that could lead to life impacting or deadly outcomes.

  • This example would be opening up the door to major lawsuits and/or jail terms for culpable homicide besides reputational damage. This example could be highly costly! There are other examples mentioned the tool.

Planning Your 2022 Security Contingency Budget

This is important as it could impact dramatically the success of failure of business. Professional Security practitioners need to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

One has to be aware of all the threats when considering a contingency budget

If you are fully and intimately aware of the threat in theater and tailing threats then consider your chances of success in obtaining the contingency budget that you require. Keep in mind that this beast could change resulting in more deadly outcomes and could require more goggles or hazmat suits (depending on field of interest) besides non-lethal repellants (depending on location and products or services rendered).

The biggest nightmare of a security practitioner

is not knowing what is truly happening on the ground under their own nose

Representing + 9.15 Million Security Practitioners

Using a Compliant Security Company or Security Practitioner

It serves purpose make use of a company that has certified people for Biological Threat Security as the security  protocols and considerations relate to profit protecting their client and in the same spirit are protecting the integrity of their own company.


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