Market Capture

Market Capture

+ 9.15 Million Security Practitioners

Market Demand & Relevancy

By Organizations that Endorse Security Media and Events


It is November 26th and the industry now will have to consider contingency budgeting for 2022 in respect for biological threat security and methods to profit protect.

Partner Criteria

Globally focused Biological Threat Security Compliant Security Companies (COC19)


Tech, Products or services related to Biological Threat Security and Investigation.

(Source Provider: Manufacturer or Author)


Governments and Non-Government Organizations

The Chairs of Boards

Executive Management



All: the Largest to the Smallest

Muscle Memory Impact

Relative Exposure to current threats in theatre

Daily, weekly and monthly Brand Exposure to all Tool users

HIM insights are exposed through all multimedia Channels that draw readership

Loyalty Bonding

100 HIM Tools provided for handout

Apply for Consideration

    SPONSOR Exposure

    Listed on HIM site

    Logos placed on prime entry points to the Tools and Information

    Within Footer on all pages

    Invited to online specific meetings (by HIM’s discretion)

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