John Phillips

John Phillips

John E Phillips


Director Training

HMF – Military and Defense 23 years

Planning, organisation and delivery of Strategic, Tactical and Operational effect over 13 years reporting at governmental and ministerial levels including innovative developmental programs extending over a 27 year period. An effective project manager and co-coordinator of resourcing and administration, demonstrable leadership and motivational skills in demanding geographical environments. Working in a wide range of countries worldwide from Europe, South America, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. Experienced in training and management with a proven ability to develop training courses in line with current risks and threats.

Training abilities

  • Receipt, assessment and delivery of training of technical projects worth £20m.
  • Planning, coordination and execution of multi-agency, CT covert surveillance operations.
  • Extensive deployment of technical surveillance capability in all theatres of operation.
  • Inception, development and delivery of specialist capability projects.
  • Deliver of training to strategic overseas partners of choice to protect UK interests.
  • Liaison, briefing and implementation of operations across multiple agencies at strategic level.
  • Development of innovative courses and training.
  • Development of bespoke life skills, resilience and emotional intelligence training.

Education and Professional Development



  • PGDip with Merit – Business Administration – The University of Leicester
  • Conventional, Counter and Anti surveillance.
  • Award in Self Defence – British Combat Association
  • Combat Coach Instructor Self Protection – British Combat Association
  • Combat Coach – British Combat Association
  • Tang Soo Do (Black Belt)
  • Close Quarter Protection Co-designer, Instructor and assessor
  • Covert method of entry trained. (understanding working in tight confinements)
  • SIA Licenced Close Protection Officer and Instructor L3
  • Conflict management Instructor L3
  • Award in Education and Training L3/4 (Adult teaching) Instructor
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