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We are in a decade where people are reacting differently to the norm we knew. HR must select the right people by their character traits and specific skills because the security practitioners do handle life impacting and deadly outcomes.

What HR has to know!

The New Norm

Due to the pandemic, we have to adapt to a new norm because this situation could be in theater for years to come or when some miracle drug is discovered. We confirm this statement by stating the fact that the number of variants are now increasing rapidly and the entire globe needs to be inoculated at the same time with the same vaccine potency.

An entity or company is only as good as its people

There is more HR in Security than in HR itself. When the Security Manager knows exactly what they do – then the HR will trust and respect the security manager’s intellect as they have much in common. This also holds true with the financial department, because the emphasis is now on profit protection.

Selecting the right people and why

The pandemic is in theater and tailing is the economic meltdown. This means that there are many more desperate people that could react differently to what was the norm.

HR should be aware that security practitioners experience individuals or groups that could be aggressive which could manifest into violent behavior. This means that security do handle life impacting and deadly outcomes. Therefore, the new norm must consider to the layering of manpower by skillsets and character traits of the individuals.


It is not the weapon that causes murder, rape or mayhem – it is people. Security handle real time emotional people regardless of their state of mind that could swing within seconds.


HR should appreciate that, the security has to manage the movement (flow) besides the behavior of people. Therefore, the character traits of security should be assessed, as in, bias, attitude and moral code along with the appropriate people skills to defuse aggressive behavior.


New Crime and Reputational Damage

Normally there are millions of criminals trying to daily out-think and outsmart the security system (technology and manpower). Added to the mix now are more people that could break their moral code because they are desperate. Security practitioners must now find new crime and litigate issues that could cause reputational damage

Certificates and Skills

HR would be considering the regulators criteria for certain job functions. Certificates could prove a person is educated in certain knowledge but it is the skillsets that make them relevant. The HR must now seriously acknowledge that the mix of knowledge and skills is required for relevancy from here on into the 20twenties at least.


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Aims and Objectives

The Aim is to provide the participant access to other like minded people in a discussion on how, where and why to use the skill-sets best. Sometimes it is not only what one knows but who one must get to know!

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