Dr Gavriel Schneider

Dr Gavriel Schneider

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Dr Gavriel (Gav) Schneider



 Dr Gavriel Schneider is an acknowledged leader in the field of human based risk management and the psychology of risk. He is a serial entrepreneur and has been running his own businesses since 2001. He has conducted business in over 17 countries and provided a wide range of services for a very diverse, client base ranging from heads of state to school teachers. He is a leading academic and subject matter expert in his field and is a much-sought after International speaker. He has trained thousands of people in his own right and to date, his companies have trained in excess of 150,000 people in numerous countries.



  • Acknowledged subject matter expert on Integrated & Human Centric Risk Management, Safety, Emergency, Crisis Management, Security & Counter-Terrorism with Extensive senior level management and leadership experience.
  • Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia as well as Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management & Leadership
  • He holds a Doctor of Criminology (Security) Degree as well as a Master of Technology (Security) Degree (UNISA).
  • CEO of the Risk2Solution Group which is a group of risk, security, safety, medical and emergency response companies that focus on innovative integration and consolidation solutions.
  • Program Director for the Australian Catholic Universities (ACU) post graduate program on the Psychology of Risk.
  • Author of “Can I See your Hands: A Guide to Situational Awareness, Personal Risk Management, Resilience and Security” as well as “Beyond the Bodyguard” a guide to protective practices success and numerous academic and advisory articles.
  • Numerous high-level consulting and advisory projects as well as two decades of Specialised Security, Safety, and Risk Management experience in over 17 countries.
  • Extensive involvement in International Risk Management and related industry associations (Msyl, FIS (SA), FISSM, ASIS CPP, FAIM, AARPI. MAIPIO).
  • Has served as an Industry Expert Witness for the Legal Sector.
  • Dr Gav has a wide range of additional qualifications including; Graduate Diplomas in Strategic leadership as well as Management Learning, Advanced Diplomas in Project Management, Integrated Risk Management, Work health and safety and several other related qualifications.
  • In addition, he holds numerous trainer, educational and coaching qualifications, has been a martial arts full contact champion, is a 7th degree black belt and has been an Instructor to Royalty Protection teams, Presidential Protection teams and Military and Police Special Units. In his own right Dr Gav has trained thousands of people globally.




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