Directors and Managers

Directors and Managers

Own It! 

The Negotiator that can read the other better, derives more out of the negotiation!

The security skills for reading people are the most important because security people must out-think or outsmart criminals.

These skills are transferrable for all line management and especially effective for sales or negotiating.


In all professions and in the personal lives of people crime exists. Clients, Staff and Partners may lie, hide or even volunteer information for their own agenda. 

In this research, information has been gathered for Leadership (security styled). This information talks to staff deployment considerations for multi-cultural projects, handling disciplinary hearings, selecting or using  special investigators, or even selecting the most effective security team.

Knowing where one truly stands with others saves a lot of time, effort and money

Step 1: Get the Tool for Reading people

Step: 2 While using the Tool read the guidance articles and manuscripts that will give direction on where, how and why to use such for Business and Management

Register and Activate HIM e-Tool
Find below ” GET YOUR TOOL” 

Virtual Group Meetings or Workshop Physically in Person

Aims and Objectives

The Aim is to provide the participant access to other like minded people in a discussion on how, where and why to use the skill-sets best. Sometimes it is not only what one knows but who one must get to know!

Status of Security Industry in Crisis – Relevancy

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