Dhafir Shammery MPICT CHIMC

Dhafir Shammery MPICT CHIMC

Dhafir Shammery MPICT CHIMC

Masters, Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism, Macquarie University, 2011

Terrorism issues • Terrorist Support Networks and Operations • International Security and the State • National Security and Counter Terrorism Issues • Intelligence and National Security • Strategic Policing


Certified Human Investigation Management – Criminology CHIMC, ISIO/MiM 2016 March – November 2016
Advanced Diploma of Project Management, Royal Brisbane International College, 2012 – 2013
Advanced Diploma of Management, Future Academy, 2011 – 2012
Master, Policing, Intelligence and Counter terrorism, Macquarie University, 2011
Post Graduate Diploma, Policing Intelligence and Counter Terrorism, Macquarie University, 2008 – 2010
Bachelor of Science, Major in Maths, Mosul University, 1983 – 1988

Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO), member since 2015
ASIS International, Australia, member since 2011

HIM Certified Trainer

Security Management • Physical Security • Counter terrorism • Security Audits • CCTV • Crisis Management • Operations Management • Intelligence Analysis • Private Investigations • Security Policy • Policing • Crime Prevention • Loss Prevention • Surveillance • Emergency Management • Security Operations • Personnel Protection • Executive Protection • Intelligence • Security Training • Corporate Security • Asset Protection • Access Control • National Security • Shopping Centre Security • Incident Investigation • Investigation Techniques • Information and Data Analysis• Managing Multiple High Profile Projects •In-Depth Analysis • Leveraging Innovative Technology


Dhafir Al. MPICT, (March 6, 2008), Fraud – Act and Impact, www.grandgroup.com.au
Dhafir Al. MPICT, (May 30, 2012), The British and the US concepts of National Security, European Arabic Centre for Intelligence and Counter Terrorism Studies, The European Arabic Centre for Intelligence and Counterterrorism Studies
Dhafir Al. MPICT (2011), Police and Human Rights, www.grandgroup.com.au
Dhafir Al. MPICT, (May 2010), The positive and negative consequences of involvement in international policing operations, PICT
Dhafir Al. MPICT, (March 2009), Al Qaeda Activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan today, long-term significance, PICT
Dhafir Al. MPICT, (May 2011), Terrorists use of Technology for Fundraising, PICT
Dhafir Al. MPICT, (April 2010), The use of Charitable Organisations for terrorists’ fundraising and money laundering, PICT
Dhafir Al. MPICT, (October 2010), The ‘war on terror’ – If war ends, how does terrorism end? European Arabic Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies
More articles and studies published in Arabic newspapers in Australia
Regular security and counter terrorism analyst guest on SBS Arabic Station Australia

English (full professional proficiency) Arabic (full professional proficiency) Russian (elementary proficiency)

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