Criminology and Security

Criminology and Security

Could you or your staff possibly handle life impacting or life & death situations?

Security Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision makers on the ground and reaction speed

Out-thinking the criminal using critical thinking


Practitioners in Criminology, Security and Risk could handle life impacting and life & death situations. It is not the weapon but people that commit crime or terror. When the criminologist, security or risk professionals are unable to read people or the situation then they are inviting collateral damage.

There are super-smart criminals going about their days thinking, plotting, planning and implementing missions. They use intimidation, bullying, blackmail and extortion techniques for their ‘mission of manipulation’. The person that can out-think the other is the benefactor and the lessor is the victim.

This work explores and teaches the use of critical thinking by bridging narrative research with situational awareness using critical thinking (meta-cognitive and cognitive skills) using lie, deception detection and investigative skills for  narrative research, and situational awareness considering historic data, current issues  for the ever-changing vulnerability-landscape of known and unknowns.

Considering where and why to use the skill-sets 

Critical-thinking the X Factor in Criminology, security and risk manuscript is able to be downloaded for print by the user

The manuscript provides the professional guidance to using the skill-sets to where and why to discover loopholes, uncover issues or opportunities.

Continuous feed on how to use the skill-set for current challenges;

Acquire the skill-sets and Master the skill-craft to handle the fast changing challenges in theatre besides discovering the X Factor;

This is for Professional Development for; 

All Management levels

Identify and mitigate issues with polygraph industry, hotel security and other sectors

Professional development for Security Managers, CPO, Oversight, Vetting and Compliance

Judicial System




This HIM website contains the HIM self-tuition training tool  (see below)
Included is the X Factor in Criminology, Risk and Security
(This explores where, why and how to use the skill-sets)


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