Cognitive Training Critical Thinking

Cognitive Training Critical Thinking

Out and In-the-Box

Out-thinking and Outsmarting the assailant that
is in a constant state of trying to beat the security system (tech and manpower)

Own It! 

Critical Thinking uncovers new crime,
discovers hidden issues and opportunities (solutions/methods/protocols)
to limit or mitigate collateral damage

Step 1: Get the Tool for Reading people

Step: 2 While using the Tool as prescribed, read the guidance articles and go through the manuscript Critical Thinking the X Factor in Criminology Security and Risk

This research philosophy and methodology defines the term ‘Critical Thinking’ and proves such by way of tangible outcomes

The results can easily be seen in the speed of comprehension of issues in theater with solutions or protocols suggested way before many others

Taking this further, the methodology is directed towards crime which is in all professions and in the personal lives of people

Peer Reviews

Reviews on various aspects from the experiment HIM Tool, through to the security criminology investigation knowledge content by Professor Rommel Manwong (PhD), Dr Katerina Poustourli, Dr Gavriel Schneider, Dr Declan Garrett

Out-thinking and outsmarting the perpetrators

There are times when one has to out-think and outsmart the forever thinking perpetrator or assailant.

In the security, criminology, and risk investigation profession the lives of others are at stake and therefore the methodology is the easiest and most effective method used to acquire the skill-sets and master the skill-craft

Register and Activate HIM e-Tool
Find below ” GET YOUR TOOL” 

Virtual Group Meetings or Workshop Physically in Person

Aims and Objectives

The Aim is to provide the participant access to other like minded people in a discussion on how, where and why to use the skill-sets best. Sometimes it is not only what one knows but who one must get to know!

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