Certificate of Compliance COC19 Security Covid19 Protocols

Certificate of Compliance COC19 Security Covid19 Protocols

Level of Importance

Current Status: 2nd August 2021


Security Companies providing services are able to provide their certificate to their clients to display at sites.

If the client’s want their own name on the certificate, then the client must be assessed.

Government, Non-government, and Corporate with in-house security must be assessed by a certified CBTS assessor

Threat Comprehension

Peer Reviews

Professor Larry Barton and Dr Rommel Manwong [Prof] for Security and Operational Protocol Guide for Managing cv-19


The active biological threat is mutating and the economic meltdown is destroying revenue generation.

This Certificate Address both

The Active Biological Mutating Threat and Profit protection

Active mutating biological threat

Security Covid 19 Protocols addresses

The technology and equipment used screening

Handling Aggressive and Violent Behavior

The layering of manpower by skillsets

And the Crime related to the threat besides the crime related to the outcome of the threat


Limit the level of collateral damage of the active biological threat

Restore Financial Security by implementing protocols that will encourage customers to a site
instead of customers avoiding a site


limiting the collateral damage of new crime that is associated to the threats
which does erode profits

Crime impacting Financial Security

New crime

There may be increased loss due to theft but there will be new forms of crime taking place because of the desperation of people or the motivations of people compromising their moral fiber or religious convictions. When the practitioners are aware of what could take place then they know what to look for. When they are unaware of such, then they are living their biggest nightmare of not knowing what is truly happening on the ground.


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Security Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the people on the ground and their reaction speed

With an active biological threat - reaction speed is here and now!

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