Bio-Threat Compliance Certificates

Bio-Threat Compliance Certificates

 Certified for Biological Threat Security CBTS


Compliance Certificate COC19

CBTS Certified for Biological Threat Security

How it works!

The Bearer of the Certificate is for Site Managers, Trainers and Compliance Assessors for Biological Threat Security.

Whichever site, must have a person in-house with a CBTS or a service provider that visits a site regularly.


Quick & Easy

Watch and learn, do – experience and embed

Step 1: Obtain the HIM tool that contains video clips, tools and instructions.

Step 2: Have 1 of  3 x 45 minute sessions with another CBTS holder

Duration: An hour a day in your own time taking 9-11 days

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for CBTS Mechanics


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The Assessor

The bearer of the CBTS also receives the Assessment Certificate.

Therefore, the applicant can site-manage and/or train and assess sites.
There are two certificates because one cannot assess their own work but can assess the work of others.

Included in the HIM Tool

Assessor will hold this certificate

Profit Protect using COC19 Certificate of Compliance

Is Focused on two objectives

Enhancing Biological Threat Security for customers and staff  besides limiting the collateral damage to the financial integrity of the site.

What, why and how to present 2022 Security Budget

Government, Non- Government and Companies


Security or Risk Management Services can provide their certificate to their clients to display at sites.

If the client’s want their own name on the certificate, then the client must be assessed.

Government, Non-government, and Corporate with in-house security must be assessed by a certified CBTS assessor


Step 1 – own the HIM Tool

We suggest read the rest of this page. Then activate the tool after you read below                                

  1. Go through the Tool and experience the lie, deception detection and critical situational interviewing along with the knowledge content on where, how and why to use such because we must find new crime, copycat crime or increased levels of habitational crime.

  2. Furthermore, Access the Biological Threat Security section besides all others, i.e., booklets on security criminology-risk

Note: Contact the associated organization for the HIM Tool rate in your location.

There is an ISIO HIM global rate, a South African rate and CAPSI for the rate in India

Step 2 if you desire: CBTS – Certified Biological Threat Security

Do contact your CBTS that referred you – or the organization associated to your location

Step 3: COC19 Compliance Certificate

Contact your referring CBTS/Assessor or contact the associated organization to your location

ISIO (, SASA (South Africa), CAPSI [India Only] (

Security Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the people on the ground and their reaction speed

With an active biological threat - reaction speed is here and now!

The HIM Tool – Own it!



South Africa

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