Sociology: Profession and Personal

Sociology: Profession and Personal

Comment by Dr Vijay Sewduth

”Amazingly it cut my assessment time in half.  By asking simple questions early in the session and watching their reactions, I was able to engage whether the student was prepared, learnt his/her work, was anxious or just nervous.  Based on their reactions I was able to plan the rest of my session”


Sociologists must master deception detection and investigative interviewing
for numerous reasons


Profession – Find below 

Professionals could have personal issues – View

We case study the security industry herein which provides you a conceptional method  to design your method according to your region of interest.

Security professionals master certain skills as they hold the lives of others in their hands. The true professional has acquired specific skill-sets being deception detection and investigative interviewing and masters the skill-craft.

Professionals mastering deception detection and investigative interviewing are exceptional negotiators simply because the negotiator that can read the other better – derives more out of the negotiation. The undercover operative or hostage negotiator cannot afford to loose the negotiation as the stakes and collateral damage is high value.

The combination of skills such as negotiation and risk management coupled with deception detection and investigative interviewing taking cultural behavior into consideration make for valuable talent acquisition.

Current challenges

There are many that have studied some form of body language however, there is a difference with cultural behavior.

If you studied body language in the West you could misinterpret or be misunderstood by people from other countries and cultures.

This knowledge must be part of interviewing or investigative interviewing as language prompts physical reactions that  could confuse the interpretation.

Vetting and Compliance

The biggest nightmare in not knowing what is truly going on the ground right as people are not forthcoming with information. They lie, hide or volunteer information for their own agenda. In order to validate specific information, the HR or Professionals designs a question-set inline with the SPI formula.

Objective: reducing workplace violence by employing or partnering people that are not racist or bias and that are likely to utilize support for any event aligned to being bullied, blackmailed or extorted. There may be other important factors to identify and manage that are inline with current challenges in your region of interest.

The question set can be designed in order to identify people that either have been a victim or were/are a perpetrator




Xenophobic tendencies

Bullying, Blackmail or Extortion

Furthermore, one must consider issues based on historic data, such as, if people have got away with causing strikes, riots, embezzlement, sexual misconduct, intellectual property theft besides stock theft or any other crime that has been committed in their personal life or in their professional history.

Recruiting or Hiring Security experts or personnel

Regardless of Management position, the security expert must be considered to be as professional as a surgeon that holds the lives of others in their hands. Against this backdrop, the security expert must show that they are proficient in the skill-set of deception detection and investigative interviewing as these critical core skills provide reliable and sufficient information to perform any task. No surgeon would operate without accurate information such as x-rays or blood analysis. Consequently, The security expert will show proof of continuous learning as a surgeon would.

Furthermore, security staff must take into consideration cultural behavior and diversity awareness which must form part of deception detection and investigative interviewing. There is a difference between cultural behavior/conduct and body language.  When schooled in the West with body language does not mean the learner is able to read all cultures as they may interpret or be misunderstood by other cultures.

This knowledge is also required for Crowd control or Conflict Management to mention are a few instances that violent issues can occur when dealing with different cultures.

The expert’s mentality

A balance between ego drive and empathy could serve the expert who is knowledgeable in their field of expertise besides being up-to-date with current challenges in criminology and enthusiastically strives to master certain skill-craft with passion. Reason being, is that the security industry is the most fluid sector and is impacted by challenges in theater such as change in migration, religious or cultural issues

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