Amanda Strydom BSc

Amanda Strydom BSc

Amanda Strydom BSc

Organisation & Relationship Systems Coach: Advanced

Co-Active Coach: Advanced

DISC Advanced Behavioural Analysis

Certified Innermetrix Consultant – Applied Axiological Theory

BSc Management – Calvary University

Transactional Analysis 101

  • Diploma Divinitatum
  • Ballet Teacher Technique Specialist – Royal Academy of Dancing (Won choreography Competitions)
  • Computer Programming Turbo Pascal (Distinction and Merit award)


with impact


With Impact is a company that combines international tools and methodologies to create shifts in people and organizations by using the following services as building blocks that meet the needs of each customer in a dynamic way:

  • Group Skills & Team Dynamics: Corporate and Public Sector (Customized)
  • Understanding Personality and Behaviour – DISC
  • Coaching skills for the Corporate Manager, Executives & Public sector (Customized for a sustainable solution)
  • Parents with Impact: Parenting coaching skills for parents with teenagers
  • Youth with Impact: understanding self, personality versus behaviour, leadership versus gangs, dreams to reality
  • RE-integration of offenders into family, community and business
  • Entrepreneurial skills development
  • Performance management and self management, including time management
  • Deep Democracy & Systems Work
  • Data driven conversations using a coaching approach
  • Inter-cultural intelligence overview and the impact on meetings and agreements.
  • Conflict Management
  • Change Management of individuals
  • Skills and Talent Mapping
  • Align individual Core Values & Corporate values i.e Value alignment
  • BMT for Sports professionals (Big Match Temperament) – Attempted by many but actually achieved by few.
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