AI User Development Sponsor

AI User Development Sponsor

The HIM e-Connect Tools and Manuscripts are endorsed by CAPSI, ISIO and SASA 

Representing 9.15 million security practitioners world-wide

Who is going to use this?

Security Consultants, Security Company Owners, Security Integrators, Corporate Investigators, Security Risk Managers, and Crime Analysts.

Global Structure of the Industry

Where is HIM positioned

The Organizations. Institutes and Associations make up the top hierarchy for security criminology-risk investigation practitioners.

These bodies endorse the exhibitions, seminars and media

Membership is by heads of security criminology-risk and investigators of international bodies, governments, non-government organizations and the corporate private sector. There are also some organizations that may include members that have interest in technology.

What is HIM

Threat Identification, Research, Innovation, Solutions and Protocols, Standardization for Globalization

HIM Team

The HIM Team is made up of Professional Academics, Pracademics besides Seasoned Professionals that are focused on new generation skills and associated technology.

HIM Exposure

Through Partner Organizations that number 9.15 million security practitioners and growing world-wide

ISIO Endorsed Media publish focused articles as a subject expert pointing the audience to HIM besides social media and through endorsed events.

HIM Audience

  • There is crime in all professions or impacting on the personal lives. There are not many people that do not experience in some way or the other in their profession or personal lives some from of crime. This could be betrayal by family, friends or business partners to those that suffer from some form of life impacting or deadly incidents

Audience participation and attention

Practitioners in this field handle life impacting and deadly outcomes

There are millions of perpetrators that are daily trying to out-think and outsmart the security system911 (technology and the workforce). All practitioners have no choice but must to know and how to use the technology along with the associated skills.

Any equipment, technology or software (instruments) are only as good as the users. The user must be equipped with the knowledge associated to security criminology-risk investigation besides soft skills to use instruments efficiently and effectively by knowing what, where, when and how to use such.

NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT: The HIM e-Connect Tool must be used as prescribed meaning that the user uses the tool daily for a few minutes at a time which in-turn yields a consistent and intensive brand exposure.

This is the method required to acquire the knowledge and instinctively react because professionals in this field manages life impacting and deadly outcomes.

The users obtain use of the tool for a year besides being constantly updated with information that is focused on discovering new crime, evolving copycat crime or increased habitual crime.

User Development Sponsor derives

Research Development Sponsor derives

Research Access

HIM is in a constant state of threat detection and issues warnings, suggestions and protocols related to the needs of the industry. This is demonstrated by the Biological Threat Security information provided within the site. HIM is the only body in the world that addressed the protocols for such that will be in theater for a long time still to come.

This information above is firstly provided to the user development sponsors.

Loyalty bonding

As one should realize that security people are not highly paid practitioners. The users would highly appreciate the knowledge, the soft skills  provided besides the continuous interaction with updated short video clips from like-minded practitioners in their field of interest.

UDS Obtains

  • The User Development Sponsor can provide a limited number of their client’s with Free Yearly access to the HIM e-Connect Year along with all services rendered, such as, continuous updates on threat detection and security consideration.

  • The User sponsor can target themselves or be listed on HIM site for potential users that would like to acquire the year access opportunity sponsored by sponsor. The person would then need to contact the sponsor and obtain an access code.

Brand exposure on HIM

  • Period of Participation: from payment till the allocation of sponsored HIM subscribers are used up.

  • Logo branding on HIM website at the discretion of HIM along with company name in text on all outgoing HIM e-mails (by discretion of HIM)to specific databases (on updates only) mailouts.

  • Furthermore, the partner sponsor’s logo would be added to the AI booklet for the period of duration specified below.

UDS’s Exposure on ISIO linkedin groups

A video clip or Article on ISIO linkedin Groups (1 group, once per month) ISIO Spam policed (spamming by sponsor on ISIO lin. Contravention of spamming could lead to cancellation of invoiced agreement without compensation or refund). However, the partner sponsor is responsible to honor the full payment for expenses incurred.

Obligations and Conditions of the User Development Sponsor (UDS)

  • NOTE: The UDS development sponsor must make a landing page on their own website for applicants to contact them to receive their unique access code for HIM. This url page will be also be linked from HIM to the UDS for the potential applicants.

  • NOTE: The UDS development sponsor must make their access code using their company name first followed by unique numbers. Only a unique access code must be provided to the applicant. Any contravention of such will result on cancelation of the opportunity without refund.

  • NOTE: When the UDS has used up its allocation and prefers not to continue then all the privileges will be revoked. 

  • NOTE The UDS must be unbias and provide the access code to any practitioner requesting such if they are a current listed sponsor on HIM. If they do not provide to any  practitioner and HIM is made aware of such then the sponsorship will be discontinued immediately and the sponsorship will be non refundable. 

  • NOTE: As mentioned above the UDS does get provided suggestions based on HIM research from time to time, however, if the sponsor would requires specific research and protocols for a distinct purpose then the additions will be quoted as per the brief.

  • The above terms and conditions stand from the 7th of January 2022. If there are changes made to such, then the research development sponsors will be notified.


The Research Development Sponsor is allocated

Option 1:  1000 HIM Subscriptions. The rate is USD$ 5.00 per subscription.

Option 2: 100 only HIM Subscriptions. This rate is USD$ 35.00 per subscription.

Payable upfront and in advance by card.

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