1 day Workshop

1 day Workshop

1 Day Workshop Physically in Person

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The one day workshop is the first step to obtain any Certificate, which could be on Security and Criminology Investigation Management – SCIM, Certificat of Human Investigation Management – Criminology (CHIMC), or any module related to Lie, Deception Detection and Critical Situational Interviewing.

The HIM e-Connect Tool is the foundation tool regardless of Certificate and is the base tuition tool on lie, deception detection and interviewing methods using critical thinking situational awareness, which is, the skill-set to read the situation and the people involved. 

  • The participant receives the Certificate of Attendance if they follow the HIM lie, deception detection and critical situational interviewing course tool as prescribed for 9 weeks
  • An in-depth discussion in relation for comprehending how to bond security and criminology investigation (flavoured for participants of a distinct region of interest)
  • A year access to the HIM e-Connect Training tool that contains the manuscripts and guidance articles
  • Free ISIO Full Membership (Year)
  • Rate quoted by Trainer

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