Rate India CAPSI

Rate India CAPSI


A site that is COC19 Compliant just have a bearer of the CBTS (Certified for Biological Threat Security) overseeing the site.

This could be by a person that is permanently on site to ensure compliance or a site manager that must visit the site at least within every do days to ensure that compliance is kept.

The Certified for Biological Threat Security

Practitioner can site-manage, train and assess.

Step 1: Get the HIM Tool as it contains all the protocols and knowledge for the CBTS criteria

Whoever must obtain access to the HIM Tool as all material is contained therein besides having access for a year along with updated information which could be crime related to the threat or newly discovered information pertaining to equipment or technology besides layering manpower by skillsets. USD$53 for the year.


The CBTS bearer and Applicant must participate in 3 by sessions online 45 – 60 minutes long

Session 1 is talking to the mentality of the CBTS holder and an overview

– 4 Days later Session 2 Going through more on the knowledge and in-line with what the other has read.

Session 3. The other provides their answers to the questionnaire beforehand and presents their presentation on mentality and overview.

The CBTS holder can train other CBTS people at the same rate that they paid.



CBTS Rate: They applicant pays the rate and applicant  receive 2 certificates CBTS and Assessors Certificates

Contact CAPSI for Certificate Rates


They need to have the 2 certificates for first year. In the second year, they may be focusing mostly as a site manager that would be on training only – but it could be assessing sites mostly. In that case, they may only need CBTS only or both.

Renewal: CBTS or Assessors must be certified yearly.

The applicant must follow the same protocols in acquiring the initial certificates because new issues of concern could be addressed.  The rates will be quoted for such. Obviously, the applicant must also subscribe to the HIM Tool that will contain all the necessary information to consider for the ensuing year.

COC19 Certificate of Compliance


A security service provider can provide their client the certificate to hang on the site in question. If the client would prefer their own name on the certificate then they must be assessed by a third party.


The rate for assessment is rated by CAPSI

The certificate would be by the Association Organization at CAPSI Rate

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