SAIS Evaluation and Endorsement Committee
for MIM/HIM – Human Investigation Management
Head of evaluation committee: Prof Kris Pillay FIS [UNISA](SA)


Step-by-Step method to Success

Acquire the HIM e-connect training tool

  • Online in Person; Purchase the self – tuition  training tool. Certificate of Attendance by going through the course cycle once (9 weeks) with 3 off one-to-one training (USD$100 per session) with a  Certified HIM trainer/examiner. HIM monitors the activity log, confirms with the trainer/examiner the interview, and issues the Certificate of Attendance.
  • Workshops in Person; Certificate of Attendance by going through the course cycle once (9 weeks) then a skype interview with a Certified HIM trainer/examiner. HIM monitors the activity log, confirms with the trainer/examiner the interview, and issues the Certificate of Attendance.

Higher Certification

The CHIM Certification for lie, deception detection and investigative interviewing is achieved when the cycle is repeated at least 3 times, 5 one-to-one training with a certified HIM trainer, and 3 x 2000 word personal result documents are submitted. Finally the learner is examined by a HIM Certified Examiner (not the same person as the trainer ). Duration:6-12 months. USD$2080  (Payment HIM for Registration, Log Monitoring and Certification USD$460, Payment directly to the trainers USD$ 260 per hour session, Final document assessment and examined by a Dr or Masters Examiner that is familiar on how to use the skill-set in your region of interest USD$320


Certified Human Investigation Management Modules

If one is in the field of safety and security, then this course is a necessity. You’re either ahead of the game or playing catch-up. I would recommend HIM to anyone who is looking to understand people and be more strategic in their dealings with others, especially when they have people’s lives in their hands.

‘’ HIM provides one with the tools and capability to understand what the other person is thinking. This is crucial when strategizing in all disciplines of criminology/security or for business projects as well as in one’s personal life. Being able to tell what the other person is feeling and thinking is a massive bonus and leverage in any social situation”
By Jean-Pierre Roux BSocSc hons; MPhil in Criminal Justice

”I want to say that even before attending this course I believed and felt that I had a strong sense and understanding on interview skills and knowledge of being able to pick up signs from people as to their behaviour. We’ll, how wrong was I! This course and material as heightened my senses by 100% I am now subconsciously noticing movements, body language and gestures than before did not even register..The e-connect HIM course application manual provides a plethora of information and really makes it simple to understand along as you follow the cycle. The cycle works but needs to be followed. The training provided during the online in person training was second to none, not only does he talk about it in detail but can constantly keep you online.
By Stephen Langley LLB (Hons)(Open) MSc Sec CHIMC

Learning the need to control your own emotions while monitoring others change of behavior are excellent techniques that I am learning from the HIM Human Investigation Management course that I am doing with ISIO International Security Industry Org endorsed HIM -. In addition the course has enriched my negotiations & interviewing skills. I have seen interrogators fail in extracting reliable information due to their lack of Cultural Gesture of criminals or terrorists. Now and thanks for HIM course, I have started learning various cultural gestures, that have made me communicate effectively with the people I am interviewing as they comfortably elaborate because they feel more comfortable and less intimidated.
By Dahfir Shammery: Security Consultant MSc PICT

‘’ I provide the following feedback. I applied my newly acquired skills in the following instances. Lately I had been involved in serious business negotiations. I am sure the outcome would have been totally different was it not for HIM training. During the third round of negotiations I was able to predict step by step the opposition’s actions. Needless to say to whose benefit the deal swung. Armed with these skills I then went on to apply the HIM principles in two interviews; in the second interview I succeeded to change the situation from interviewee to interviewer. The last instance I want to refer to is; I was recently a speaker at an international security symposium. The primary aim of the speech was to punch holes in to the risk management process and the risk manager’s ability to do risk management. I also set out to intentionally emotionally manipulate the audience with gestures during the speech. To my astonishment I was successful on all levels. I could explain with ease MiM /HIM and the principles behind it.
The reason being is that the training method is absolute unique, you cannot help to enjoy and understand the training outcomes. This placed the whole audience on alert but also placed the individuals on the back foot. The science behind the training subject is not new, but what Juan succeeded to do, and this is the point what makes HIM so unique, he brought all the science together under one heading. By doing so, he teaches a holistic approach which is very accurate in outcome. Gestures should be observed in clusters to provide a more accurate picture of person being observed. Human Investigations Management Training had a profound positive effect on my academic and business life. In 35 years I have never ever done any training that had any life altering effect on me. MiM/HIM training broke the status quo therefor it is the most effective critical managerial training on the market. The reason being is that the training method is absolute unique, you cannot help to enjoy and understand the training outcomes’’
Assessment by Danie Adendorff MSc. Sec Man, ND Pol Admin

“I found the online learning material to be well laid out in an easy to understand format. The structure of the learning materials are presented allowing for the building of knowledge in an intuitive way. Even though I am well trained in advanced communication including NLP techniques, I personally enjoyed the MiM/HIM related information on areas such as cultures and countries where for example they allow for great appreciation of specific body language ‘cues’ as part of any communication. Overall for me the training has resulted in a far more in-depth appreciation of situational awareness regarding how people communicate (and/or lie?) – in fact I would say that I use the material everyday in order to see whether there is congruence if you like in terms of what I am hearing the person say vs. what their expression/ face/ hands/ gestures are telling me! So in short, well done Juan for bringing this material to those of us interested in advancing themselves with the additional communication related skills applicable not just to the security industry but to all interactions that we make with others in everyday life.
Assessment and learning curve development by Dr Jon Hodson DTECH, PHD (HON), MBA, FAICD, FAIM. PROF, CATS, CHIMC, TTMC, CISM, CIPM, CISCP, CISCM.

Assessment: As an Entrepreneur, Trainer, Coach, Assessor and Moderator I have found HIM tool the most valuable skill to be equipped with. With regards to negotiating with clients, assessing students, coaching or counselling clients, being in the present moment and being aware of the subtle signs and gestures helps me ascertain progress of the situation. I was immediately able to use same when I completed my final year assessment of students. Amazingly it cut my assessment time in half. By asking simple questions early in the session and watching their reactions, I was able to engage whether the student was prepared, learnt his/her work, was anxious or just nervous. Based on their reactions I was able to plan the rest of my session. More time was then devoted to meaningful activities which would benefit the student in the future. When the course was introduced on line, I realized one can learn this unique talent for deception recognition….. finally understanding the two distinct modes of deception ie cognitive and emotional clues and how together they provide the clues for recognizing deception. The online course is user friendly and can be easily learned.
Assessment by Dr Vijay Sewduth Doctor of Philosophy, PhD: Coaching; National Certificate in Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development (OD ETD) Practices, MA( Behavioral Social Studies), BA(Hons) Social Science, Dip. Industrial Relations, Majors in Communication/ Industrial Psychology, Facilitator and Trainer

Certification is branded according to area of expertness


  • CHIMC: Certified Human Investigation Management Module-Criminology: Security – Risk – Investigation – Protection

  • CHIM: Certified Human Investigation Management for All Professions

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